ARM CEO visits China, focusing on semiconductor sector cooperation
Published: Jun 01, 2023 05:52 PM
chip Photo:VCG

chip Photo:VCG

China's vice minister of science and technology Zhang Guangjun met with Rene Haas, CEO of ARM, a world's leading semiconductor and software design company on Tuesday, with both sides holding a frank and in-depth exchange on topics such as ARM's business development in China and technology trends in the semiconductor industry.
Zhang said that the Chinese government always upholds an open, inclusive and win-win attitude in international technology cooperation. As a leading global provider of intellectual property rights for semiconductor design, ARM has great potential for development in the Chinese market.
The Chinese side thought highly of ARM's determination to further expand into the Chinese market and encouraged the enterprise to continue to deepen its cooperation with Chinese universities, research institutes and enterprises, Zhang said.
The ministry will continue to provide assistance and support for the development of high-tech enterprises in China from various countries, including ARM, to jointly promote technological progress, and make scientific and technological contributions to the building of a global community of shared future.
Haas introduced the current business development and future development plans of the firm. He said that he felt very cordial when he visited China again after four years and emphasized the importance of the Chinese market to ARM.
Haas' remarks indicate that both the world chip design companies and manufacturers value the Chinese market, and they are not willing to "decouple" from China because of political reasons, Ma Jihua, a veteran technology expert, told the Global Times on Thursday.
Entering 2023, foreign chip companies have signaled a clear change in attitude toward China. On one hand, they have to respond to pressure from the US, but on the other hand, they continue to strengthen business in China, Ma said.
"In addition, China's semiconductor industry has made steady progress. Reflecting that the effectiveness of the US technology blockade is declining," said the expert.
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