Culture Beat: Children’s theater play to return to Beijing
Published: Jun 06, 2023 10:00 PM
Promotional material for <em>The Old Dog Got into Trouble</em> Photo: Courtesy of Beijing Children's Art Theater

Promotional material for The Old Dog Got into Trouble Photo: Courtesy of Beijing Children's Art Theater

Children's theater play to return to Beijing

After completing a first run, children's theater play The Old Dog Got into Trouble has announced a second run in the Chinese capital set for July.

The play is adapted from one of books in a trilogy by Beijing-born author Ye Guangling. The story is set in Dongcheng, one of Beijing's busiest and oldest districts in the eastern city proper that has rich stories to tell.

Besides The Old Dog Got into Trouble, based on the author's own childhood experience, the other two books from the trilogy - Uncle Mouse Wakes up Late and Sanya the Cat's Rooftop Adventure - have all been adapted into theater plays that are now set to meet audiences together during July's run.

The trilogy outlines the innocent but colorful childhood of the ­protagonist Yaya and shows her vitality and her friends as well as the profound influence of traditional Chinese culture on children.

Set in 1950s' ­Beijing, the play grasps and maintains the essence of the original novel, presenting a contrasting world of everyday life in the hutong, the city's traditional alleyways, and the unique atmosphere of China's capital.

The stage design is another highlight. Dim lights, colorful clothes and well-arranged props vividly reflect Beijing's most famous landmarks such as Ju'er Hutong and Fangjia Hutong from decades ago.

Xicheng District Food Festival Photo: Courtesy of the festival

Xicheng District Food Festival Photo: Courtesy of the festival

Food carnival brings variety of cuisine

The Xicheng District Food Festival is currently being held across Beijing's Xicheng district. Visitors can find stalls and activities held across the district over the next five months.

In addition to local Beijing food and snacks, the festival is also a fusion of many cuisines across China. Specialties from places such as Southwest China's Sichuan Province and Hong Kong will be at the festival, which is hosting more than 30 activities.

The festival's opening ceremony, which was held at the end of May, saw performances from both domestic and abroad such as a tap dance show and an ethnic dance performance from Northwest China's Qinghai Province.

In the following months, food stalls and beer vendors will show up in bustling city areas such as BeijingFun, a new cultural and creative landmark in central Beijing, and the Ming City Wall Ruins Park at Xibianmen.