UK government should stop suppressing Chinese companies: Chinese Embassy
Published: Jun 08, 2023 06:18 PM
China UK Photo:VCG

China UK Photo:VCG

The Chinese Embassy in the UK has urged the country to stop political manipulation and provide a fair, just and non-discriminatory business environment for Chinese enterprises to operate normally in the UK in a statement released on Thursday.
The statement came after foreign media outlets reported that the UK has announced the removal of Chinese-made surveillance equipment from UK government sites.
In an announcement about addressing tightening of procurement rules, the UK Cabinet Office state: "We will also commit to publish a timeline for the removal of surveillance equipment produced by companies subject to China's National Intelligence Law from sensitive central government sites," according to a report by The Guardian.

In response, the Chinese embassy expressed its firm opposition to the UK's approach of deliberately misinterpreting Chinese laws and discriminating against and suppressing Chinese enterprises.
The Chinese government has always encouraged Chinese enterprises to carry out foreign investment and cooperation in accordance with market principles and international rules, and abide by local laws, the embassy noted.
Some British politicians have previously tried to follow the US government in using state power to suppress Chinese companies.
In November 2022, the British government told its departments to stop installing Chinese-linked surveillance cameras at government buildings, citing security risks.
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning said that the Chinese government always encourages Chinese companies to carry out foreign trade and investment cooperation in line with local laws as well as market principles and international rules.
"We are against some people's moves to deliberately overstretch the concept of national security to undermine Chinese enterprises. The Chinese government will firmly defend Chinese businesses' legitimate and lawful rights and interests," Mao noted.
In July 2022, the BBC reported that a group of 67 Members of Parliament and Lords called on the government to ban the sale and use of Hikvision and Dahua surveillance equipment in the UK.
In a statement Hikvision told the BBC, "Close-circuit television (CCTV) has always played a critical role in the UK in the fight against crime and terrorism. Hikvision is proud of the role we play in that."
"The UK also has fringe groups who would like to see a massive reduction of CCTV in the UK who are willing to throw allegations around about CCTV, and who would lie to demonize Hikvision."
The firm also said its cameras "are compliant with the applicable rules and regulations of the countries we operate in and are subject to strict security requirements".
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