Trends: Cycling craze in 'Bicycle Kingdom'
Published: Jun 20, 2023 11:12 PM
Young people participate in various activities like cycling and camping. 
File photos: IC

Young people participate in various activities like cycling and camping. File photos: IC

The just finished cycling competition in Shanghai witnessed as special amateur group of cyclists' participation: A bunch of foreign cycling lovers who live in Shanghai.

The group belongs to a cycling club called RNCC, which has its name far-reaching not only nationwide, but also globally.

Yu Guang, an expert from the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, said in an interview that China was originally known as the "Bicycle Kingdom," which has been an important means of transportation for people to travel.

"In recent years, as domestic roads have become perfected and citizens tend to pursuit a low-carbon, green and healthy lifestyle, cycling is trending here in a fashion way," Yu said.

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The 3rd edition of "Chinese Bridge" language competition for foreign primary school students in Myanmar was held recently.

A total of 20 students aged 8 to 13, who are all from the Chinese schools in Yangon, participated in the event at the China Cultural Center in Yangon.

The Chinese language proficiency competition, jointly organized by the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar and Yangon Bo Wen School, featured speeches, talent shows such as singing and dancing and quizzes on Chinese cultural knowledge.

The 12-year-old Htet Thiri Win from Bo Wen School won the first prize during the competition. Htet said she was happy as the champion of the competition, saying that she has been studying Chinese for six years and liked Chinese songs very much.

Cao Jing, minister counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar, said in a speech at the event the exchanges and cooperation between China and Myanmar are increasing with more and more people in Myanmar learning Chinese to improve their understanding of China.



How much can Wang Xifeng earn in a year with everyone's money for loan sharks? As Lin Daiyu called Grandma Liu "a locust," is it on purpose or just for fun? Cai Danjun, associate professor of Renmin University of China, receives hundreds of those questions every day during her live stream where she shared the in-depth interpretation of The Dream of the Red Chamber with her audiences.

Cai has been immersed in her literary career for 24 years. Now she owns nearly 380,000 fans on China's social media Douyin. 

It not only allows more primary and middle school students to feel the beauty of literature outside classroom, but also allows many people to regain the charm of traditional classics.