GT Podcast with Mulan: Chinese view on Wagner incident; Summer Davos rejects decoupling
Published: Jun 30, 2023 03:29 PM
GT Podcast with Mulan

Welcome to another episode of the GT Podcast with Mulan – a one-stop shop for the Global Times’ take on top China and global news.

In today’s podcast:

Over the past week, global media attention has been fixated on the Wagner incident in Russia – how does China view the remarkable incident?

At the Summer Davos in North China’s Tianjin, many world dignitaries, delegates and entrepreneurs soundly rejected calls for decoupling.

Is the Chinese system better than the American system? – French commentator Arnaud Bertrand tells GT how he won the debate against an anti-China scholar. 

Many young Chinese are facing what’s said to be the toughest job season – but they are tackling the stress head on.

Finally, an ongoing national sensation – rural sports leagues in Southwest China’s Guizhou has gone viral – what does it mean for China’s rural vitalization?