China launches country’s first LLM for online literature
Published: Jul 21, 2023 12:21 AM
Artificial Intelligence Photo: VCG

Artificial Intelligence Photo: VCG


Yuewen Miaobi (lit: Great pen for online literature), China's first Artificial Intelligence Generated Content (AIGC) Large Language Model (LLM) designed particularly to assist writers in the online literature industry, was recently introduced by China Literature Limited, a pioneer of the online literature market and operates a leading online literature platform in China. 

The new AI "pen" aims to bring improved cost-effectiveness to online literature authors' writing process by reducing work that is "repetitive and time-consuming," Huang Yan, the vice president of China Literature Limited, told the Global Times. 

Taking an author's request to design a "treasure tool for a fantasy novel" as an example, after the writer inputs the scenario and data for the object, the AIGC tool will automatically respond with a name such as "fire dragon ball," and tags describing its function such as "used for restoring fiery energy." 
This smart design is "adaptable to different settings" and can help writers with tasks such as giving characters personalities and writing detailed descriptions of scenery, Li Yilun, an online literature industry insider, told the Global Times. 

Liu Dingding, an independent technology analyst, told the Global Times that the LLM "suits the online literature industry extremely well," even though it has been rarely used in the field. 

"The LLM is useful in dealing with works that are logical and routine-like," he said. 

Despite the professional efficiency, Liu said that the use of AI is still a "debatable" issue that might involve "plagiarism and un-reviewed sensitive content." 
"The platform should tighten its supervision of the tool's use. For example, sensitive words are required to be filtered out in the system before they get used," Liu noted.