Chinese firm completes world’s first equipment that combines wind turbine and fish farm
Published: Aug 13, 2023 10:00 PM
Mingyang Energy Photo: Screenshot from website

Mingyang Energy Photo: Screenshot from website

A Chinese company announced on Saturday that it has successfully completed the development of its independently engineered equipment, which ingeniously combines wind turbines and fish farming. This groundbreaking innovation is the world's first sustainable integration of clean energy generation and fish cultivation.

Named "Mingyu-1" and conceived by Mingyang Energy, this wind turbine has the capacity to produce 45 million kilowatt hours of electricity annually. This output effectively meets the energy needs of 23,000 households and results in a reduction of 38,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

Beyond its role as a wind farm, Mingyu-1 serves as an offshore fish cultivation facility. It has been designed to nurture high-value fish species such as groupers. Notably, this impressive apparatus utilizes an intelligent fishing and aquaculture system, encompassing features like intelligent breeding, real-time monitoring, automated net cleaning, and AI-driven automatic fish harvesting through comprehensive big data analysis. The equipment has the capacity to rear over 150,000 fish and achieve an annual harvest of 75 tons.

Mingyang Group's innovative approach aligns wind farms with environmentally conscious fishing practices, effectively rendering power generation greener while concurrently promoting eco-friendly standards within the fishing industry.

This remarkable equipment exemplifies China's dedication to advancing its green development initiatives. In accordance with the "2023 Energy Work Guidance" issued by the National Energy Administration (NEA), China has set ambitious goals to elevate wind power and photovoltaic power generation to constitute 15.3% of its total power consumption.

Global Times