Political security is the foundation of national security: Ministry of State Security
Published: Aug 15, 2023 09:08 PM
Chinese Ministry of State Security

Chinese Ministry of State Security

China's Ministry of State Security (MSS) issued a statement on its WeChat account on Tuesday, stating that political security is the foundation of national security, in response to the ongoing attempts by various hostile forces to instigate color revolutions across China.

Political security directly relates to the stability of political power and the survival of the system, and is the most essential need and the foundation for a country's survival and development. National security is impossible without political security, according to the MSS.

The statement noted that the core of political security lies in the security of the political power and system, which is to uphold the leadership and ruling status of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and safeguard the socialist system with Chinese characteristics. National security agencies always prioritize the maintenance of political security.

The statement also clarified that safeguarding political security is the fundamental interest of all ethnic groups in China. National security agencies always adhere to taking the people as the fundamental starting point and foothold of national security work, and are vigilant to controlling various risks and challenges that harm the fundamental interests of the Chinese people.

Additionally, the statement specified that maintaining political security is complex and requires a long-term focus. The national security agencies always adhere to preventing and countering color revolutions as the main focus of their work in the current and future periods.

The MSS also pointed out that safeguarding political security will be the primary task, while coordinating efforts to strengthen traditional security areas such as military and territorial security, as well as non-traditional security areas such as technology, finance, and biology.

The MSS published a case of attempting to subvert the national political power in its statement. In 2016, Su, a retired cadre from a school in southwest China's Yunnan Province, made reactionary remarks on the internet over an extended period. Su actively contacted key members of hostile organizations overseas, and planned to purchase weapons from abroad to conspire to carry out violent actions.

National security agencies arrested all those involved in the case when they were still planning to commit a crime. This reflects the challenging situation faced by China's political security, according to the MSS.

The MSS stressed that various hostile forces have been attempting to instigate color revolutions across China for a long time, aiming to subvert the leadership of the CPC and China's socialist system. This poses a real danger and long-term harm to China's political security. In recent years, national security agencies have successfully disrupted a number of major cases that threatened China's political security, effectively safeguarding national security.

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