GT Podcast with Mulan: China-Russia ties in their ‘best period’; US ‘fake news’ on Chinese economy
Published: Sep 15, 2023 03:41 PM
GT Podcast with Mulan

Welcome to another episode of the GT Podcast with Mulan – a one-stop shop for the Global Times’ take on top China and global news.

In today’s podcast:
The China-Russia bilateral relationship has entered its best period in history, and Russia’s Far East has become a new growth point for cooperation, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.
US news magazine Newsweek sought to spread “fake” news and photos claiming Shanghai has turned into a “ghost town,” as part of a smear campaign against the Chinese economy.
In the UK, what appears to be minor, unsubstantiated cases have been publicized as "Chinese espionage activities" – which begs the question: Is the UK Parliament also trying to replicate the “balloon incident”?
Witness to history: Chinese people in Morocco share life-and-death earthquake experiences and rush to assist locals to respond to the disaster.
Christopher Nolan's film Oppenheimer has been a box office success in the Chinese market – and it also reminded Chinese moviegoers about the country's own "atomic bomb" film produced in 1999, Roaring Across the Horizon.