Sishui County, Jining Shandong China: Beautiful scenery and electricity-empowered rural revitalization
Published: Oct 10, 2023 05:53 PM
Entering the Longwan Lake Rural Revitalization Demonstration Zone located in Sishui County, Jining city, Shandong Province, China, one can enjoy the beautiful rural scenery, with waters shining brightly under the sun, leafy expanses and fragrant flowers.

"In recent years, as educational excursions in the country have become popular, the power supply company has been very helpful in upgrading the power lines and installing charging stations." On October 8th, Li Yang, Secretary of the Party Branch of Dongzhongdu Village, Shengshuiyu, Sishui County, gave a thumbs up to the staff of State Grid Sishui Power Supply Company who provided on-site services.

Recently, more than 10 activities have been carried out in Sishui County, including the Sweet Potato Festival and the E-commerce Festival. In order to ensure a safe and reliable power supply in the community, the company has established an electricity protection team to conduct inspections and investigations in various corners of substations and power lines. For equipment such as grounding boxes, defects are checked, registered, reported, and handled in time. Hidden dangers are identified and eliminated timely to ensure the safe and stable operation of power lines.

Staff serving the people

Staff serving the people

At 7:00 am every day, the staff would arrive at the site of the power supply line and conduct inspections of the 10kV Zhongdu Line and other power supply lines in their community, as well as the cables on the activity site, according to the power supply plan. They also inspect and assess the surrounding environment of the channel, cables, grounding boxes, and other equipment on the power supply line. At 7:00 pm, they begin uninterrupted inspections of the power supply line to check whether the construction sites around the line are operational, check the operation status of important equipment, register and handle potential hazards and discovered and overcame defects in time to ensure the stable operation of the line.

In recent years, the State Grid Sishui County Power Supply Company has made every effort to create a cooperation mode between State Grid and village, actively conducting safety inspections on the electricity used in scenic areas, providing "nanny style" services for the development of rural tourism economy, and continuously creating a demonstration area called "all electric scenic area"; they organize staff to conduct inspections of power supply lines in scenic areas, farmhouses, homestays, etc., conduct safety hazard inspections on power supply facilities such as distribution transformers, distribution boxes, and charging piles, track and solve power supply needs and problems, to comprehensively improve the reliability and safety of power supply in the scenic spots, and actively empower rural revitalization.