Woman from Jiangsu Province makes over 50 hanfu on her own
Published: Oct 12, 2023 04:03 PM
Woman from Jiangsu Province makes over 50 <em>hanfu</em> on her own.Photo: screenshot from Dami Video

Woman from Jiangsu Province makes over 50 hanfu on her own. Photo: screenshot from Dami Video

According to media reports on Wednesday, Zhang, a woman from Nanjing city, East China's Jiangsu Province, has made more than 50 sets of hanfu, or traditional Chinese costume. 

Zhang was majored in materials science and engineering when she was in college, and she quit her job after falling in love with hanfu. It has been 10 years since Zhang made her own hanfu because those of her favorite style were not for sale. She taught herself painting and costume design, and visited a dozen Chinese cities to explore museums, as well as to draw inspiration from murals and literature, before making over 50 different hanfu from past dynasties. 

Zhang said the design of hanfu was inspired by the murals of past dynasties, mostly from the Tang to the Five Dynasties. "What I did is not only to restore a piece of clothing, but more to feel the culture hanfu possesses, as well as the inspiration and significance of the mural, which left me very touched and glad," she said.