China’s grain output likely to set a new record in 2023, a boost for food security
Published: Oct 18, 2023 05:14 PM
Grain harvest Photo: CFP

Grain harvest Photo: CFP

China's grain output is likely to set a new record this year, thanks to a bumper autumn harvest, an official said on Wednesday, injecting confidence in the country's efforts to ensure food security. 

The country's grain output appears to mark a new high this year, Sheng Laiyun, deputy head of the National Bureau of Statistics said on Wednesday. 

Although the summer grain output dropped slightly due to flooding, increasing acreage and rainfall in North China has helped autumn grain output, Sheng said. Autumn grain production accounts for around 75 percent of the annual production.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA) expected the acreage for autumn grain in 2023 to reach 1.31 billion mu, about 7 million mu more than last year. 

The use of agricultural machinery is significant in supporting autumn grain production. MARA deployed more machines in agricultural production and disaster prevention in case of unfavorable weather, according to an official from the MARA, Xinhua reported.

Other than harvesters, China's widespread 5G allows farmers to check the condition of crops and farmland through mobile connections. Farmers can choose the right time to harvest based on big data.

It is important to prepare grain purchasing for autumn grain harvest. Nine national departments jointly released an announcement on purchasing autumn grain on September 12, noting that a great autumn grain purchase program could enhance food supply and security. 

In Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, China's biggest granary, local branch of Agricultural Development Bank of China has prepared 88 billion yuan ($12 billion) credit to back up autumn grain purchase. The province has contributed the largest amount of grain for 13 consecutive years. In 2022, it produced 77.63 million tons of grain. 

Central China's Henan, as the second largest grain producer, has come out with a series of measures to ensure autumn grain purchase on September 19. The province produced 67.89 million tons of grain in 2022.

China's summer grain output in 2023, although dropping 0.9 percent on a yearly basis, still reached the second highest amount at 146.13 million tons.

In 2022, China produced 686.53 million tons of grain in total, in which autumn grain output accounted for 74.4 percent.

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