Helicopters, aircrafts, nuclear-generated power banks and other cool products can be added to your shopping cart during Double 11 event
Published: Nov 02, 2023 02:19 AM
A concept photo of Linglong One Photo: SASAC

A concept photo of Linglong One Photo: SASAC

China's Deep Sea No.1 energy station, the world's first 100,000-ton deep-sea semi-submersible oil production and storage platform, appeared in a live broadcast sales room on e-commerce platform Taobao on Wednesday night. Audiences can add the product into their shopping chart, with some describing it as the most hardcore product for the Double 11 online shopping festival.

But the Deep Sea No.1 energy station is not the only "hardcore" product available on e-commerce platforms. Other items include the C919, a domestically-made large aircraft, China's space station, a China-made shield tunneling machine, China's domestically developed Z-20 utility helicopter, a portable nuclear-generated power bank, 5G chip priced at 999,999 yuan ($136,631) and many other products that netizens described as "beyond your wildest imagination."

A screenshot of SASAC's Taobao shop

A screenshot of SASAC's Taobao shop

In fact, this activity is designed to introduce the latest, most advanced China-made products to netizens, which can be found on the official Taobao shop of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council (SASAC).

People can add these products to their shopping carts, but they are unavailable for purchase, as SASAC has stated that these products are 'too advanced and for display purposes only.

All the products are priced at 999,999 yuan. From Wednesday to November 11, a "hardcore" product will be featured in Taobao's live broadcast sales room each day, Taobao told the Global Times on Wednesday.

The topic "the most advanced products in your shopping chart" quickly went viral on social media platforms, with netizens joking that they are eagerly waiting for sales promotions provided by e-commerce platforms.

A netizen named Hunzideng said that his/her rooftop is not large enough to accommodate the Linglong One, which is the world's first onshore commercial modular pressurized water reactor, dubbed as the "portable nuclear-generated power bank.

While none of these products are available for purchase, their models will be distributed through an internet lottery on Sina Weibo.

For example, the Aviation Industry Corporation of China will distribute three models of the Z-20 helicopter to netizens online on Thursday. China National Nuclear Corporation, which developed Linglong One, will send out 10 paper carving lamps in the shape of Linglong One to netizens. China's energy giant Sinopec, will provide five 100-yuan coupon for petrol refills.

While these cutting-edge products are not available for purchase, there are other fascinating items on e-commerce platforms.

A buyer from East China's Shandong Province bought five days' usage of Adora Magic City, China's first domestically built large cruise ship, for 20 million yuan ($2.7 million) on October 24 on Taobao, the platform told the Global Times.

In March, Taobao's live broadcast sales room sold a domestic commercial satellite worth 2 million yuan at a 50 percent discount, setting a precedent for the first physical commercial satellite transaction since the birth of e-commerce live broadcasting.

And in April, 2020, Taobao's livestreaming sales room sold a rocket worth 45 million yuan. Buyers were offered a 5-million-yuan discount by ordering via livestreaming. Over 800 people placed deposits of 500,000 yuan within minutes, Taobao told the Global Times.

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