State Grid Wulian County Power Supply Company: Enhanced business environment drives a 20% surge in industrial power consumption
Published: Nov 03, 2023 10:39 AM
On October 30, Shandong Shengmei RV Co., Ltd., in Wulian County, Shandong Province, successfully received power and started production, two months ahead of schedule. The project has the capacity to produce 1,000 caravans annually, with an estimated operating revenue of 300 million yuan and 150 new jobs. Throughout this year, the State Grid Wulian County Power Supply Company (the Company) has remained committed to optimizing the power business environment and implemented a three-tier guarantee mechanism of "company leaders + power supply directors + account managers" for key projects in the province, city and county. The aim is to continuously enhance customers' sense of gain and satisfaction. As of now, Wulian County has broken its record for power load seven consecutive times. From January to September, the power consumption of the whole society saw a year-on-year growth of 15.61%, with industrial power consumption surging by an impressive 20.54%. This growth elevated the county to the second position in the city, with a 10.6% increase in revenue.

Tracking Key Projects

At the end of July this year, Shandong Shengmei RV Co., Ltd. in the North Industrial Zone initiated its project. The Company immediately provided assistance in formulating a power supply plan for two phases of operation. The phased operation not only alleviated the customer's financial pressure but also settled quarterly fluctuations in customer orders, thereby reducing the power costs. Simultaneously, the procedure and time for handling power-related business have been streamlined, effectively ensuring the smooth production of the project. In 2023, Wulian County has a total of 73 key projects at the provincial, municipal, and county levels. The Company planned ahead with sophisticated deployment to establish a three-tier guarantee team for key projects, which involves main leaders, heads of local power supply offices, and account managers of the marketing department. This guarantee mechanism serves key projects in the county by recording and tracking the entire progress, thus ensuring timely power supply for all projects. With 168 new enterprises consuming power so far this year, the power capacity in Wulian County has increased by 38.8% year-on-year.

Optimizing Costs for Supporting Infrastructure Development

"I'd like to express my gratitude to both the government and the power supply company. They came to inspect the situation and implement related policies to include the power supply infrastructure spending in the land reserve cost. It effectively addressed our urgent issues," said Yan, Manager of Shandong Lianguan Food. On October 17, the Wulian County Natural Resources and Planning Bureau allocated 1.49 million yuan of land reserve funds for power supply infrastructure development. Upon receiving the funds, the Company immediately initiated the work and completed the construction of the customer's power infrastructure outside the red line. This year, the Company has taken the initiative to hold meetings for advancing the projects with county government departments such as Natural Resources and Planning Bureau and Finance Bureau. These efforts enabled grid enterprises to construct power supply infrastructure under the government-allocated land reserve funds, demonstrating the government-enterprise collaboration in initiating projects. Moreover, the Company invested 141 million yuan in grid construction to establish the Dayao 110 kV transmission and transformer station and increase the power supply capacity of supporting substations in the County Industrial Park and Yuli Industrial Park. It ensured higher-quality and more reliable power supply as well as lower power costs for customers. Additionally, the Company invested in four special projects of power grid improvement for Gaoze Town and Rizhao North Economic Development Zone, resulting in an increased power load capacity of 20,000 kW.

Serving as a Power Consultant 

The third regulatory cycle of transmission and distribution price came into effect on June 1, 2023. The Company informed 4,323 customers through various means including visits and phone calls. Additionally, separate visits were arranged for key projects like Rehabilitation Hospital and Guangan Real Estate to ensure these enterprises were well-informed about the new policies regarding power cost calculation and purchases. In this way, enterprises could choose the most suitable billing method in advance. For some enterprises in characteristic sectors such as stone casting, the Company established a special group to provide swift responses to their needs for power supply activation or disconnection. Furthermore, the Company conducted thematic studies on the adoption of new energy vehicles in rural areas and issued Typical Scenarios of Applying for Charging and Battery Swap Facilities Installation at a Glance. In collaboration with the County Development and Reform Bureau, Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, and Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, the Company could gain a comprehensive understanding of the charging facility layout in the county and survey in advance to develop a power supply scheme, securing the power supply for the charging posts.

(Chen Xin, Pan Guangpeng)