Intellectivebio’s APEC journey: Joining hands with global leaders to create a better, healthier future
Published: Nov 22, 2023 09:56 PM
Li Zhi ,CEO of  Intellectivebio

Li Zhi ,CEO of Intellectivebio

Li Zhi, CEO of Intellectivebio, was invited to San Francisco to attend the 2023 APEC CEO Summit and related forums for discussion.

Li had in-depth exchanges with politicians, business leaders, experts and scholars from various countries, as well as globally renowned industry leaders, on topics such as human health and international cooperation, jointly exploring the economic development trends and future challenges in the Asia-Pacific region.

Since its establishment, Intellectivebio has always insisted on promoting the construction of a good and sustainable business environment in the Asia-Pacific region, and contributed to the construction of an open, inclusive, peaceful and prosperous new Asia-Pacific future by China CDMO enterprises. Investors started a dialogue with Li, and they learned that Intellectivebio has successively cooperated with customers from many European countries, assisting them to obtain approval documents in China, the US, Australia and New Zealand. They expressed their great hope for deeper cooperation between the two sides in the future and agreed to meet again at the APEC meeting in 2024.

On the morning of the November 16, the highly anticipated 2023 APEC CEO Summit gathered business leaders from around the world under the theme of "Creating Economic Opportunities" to discuss how to achieve inclusive growth and promote global economic recovery and development. Li had a brief meeting with Sam Altman, known as the "Father of ChatGPT." This iconic moment not only showcases the active participation of Intellectivebio in the global technology community, but also reflects Li's interest and attention in the field of artificial intelligence. Symbolizing Intellectivebio's continuous commitment to exploring cutting-edge technology and expanding international partnerships.

The headquarters of Intellectivebio  Photo: Courtesy of Intellectivebio

The headquarters of Intellectivebio Photo: Courtesy of Intellectivebio

Li said, "Being able to communicate with multiple political and business leaders on topics such as international cooperation and addressing industry challenges on this important platform is of great significance for us to expand our market and find international strategic partners. In the future, Intellectivebio will continue to develop with an international perspective, continue to leverage its own advantages, assist in global health cooperation, jointly create a better future for the Asia-Pacific region, and contribute to building a community with a shared future in the Asia-Pacific region."

Intellectivebio is a biopharmaceutical CDMO committed to accelerating product development and commercialization. Intellectivebio efficiently uses its modern infrastructure and cross-functional experts for R&D to large-scale production volumes from 1 to 210,000 liters. Multiple cGMP manufacturing plants, based in the biotech hub of Suzhou, East China's Jiangsu Province, are optimized for commercialization in ICH-regulated markets including the US, Europe, and China as well as other global territories. With numerous cutting-edge process development technology platforms, it is one of the few CDMO with core technology, large-scale production, and commercial closed-loop comprehensive capabilities. Intellectivebio has seven major technology platforms, covering GMP production platforms, ADC platforms, multiple cultivation platforms, independent cell line construction platforms, pharmaceutical analysis platforms, Biosafety testing platforms, and formulation development platforms. The company has three production sites based in Suzhou Xiangcheng, Suzhou Industrial Park, and Changshu. Currently, all bases have started expansion projects to establish flexible production lines. The total planned production capacity by the end of 2023 will reach 220,000 liters, establishing a global leading production capacity and cost advantage. The ultimate project development cycle and flexible and innovative process development fully empower new drug customers to seize market opportunities. 

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