Airbus’ affiliate service company explores Chinese market via navigation database cooperation
Published: Nov 23, 2023 07:29 PM
Photo: Courtesy of Airbus

Photo: Courtesy of Airbus

NAVBLUE, a leading services company, wholly owned by Airbus and Air Traffic Management Bureau (ATMB), the institution under the Civil Aviation Administration of China, has signed a long-term cooperation agreement to materialize the production of the on-board Navigation Database in China to align with the Chinese data security requirements.

The agreement is an extension of ongoing cooperation between ATMB and Airbus since 2014 regarding the strategic cooperation on Air Traffic Management's new technology. 

As a major certified aeronautical data supplier, NAVBLUE's proven capability of data processing will provide a new option for Chinese operators.

With the cooperation, the NAVBLUE Navigation Database will be able to explore the Chinese market for the first time. NAVBLUE's Navigation Database expertise will now benefit Chinese airlines, while supporting the Authorities to set up a local data standard in the near future.

Through the cooperation agreement, NAVBLUE will work closely with the Chinese government and local authorities to support the aviation industry growth in the country and, with its expertise in data processing, will help Chinese airlines in their daily operations, according to Marc Lemeilleur, CEO of NAVBLUE.

Following a proposed trial period with local Chinese airlines, the NAVBLUE Navigation Database will gradually be deployed across the country's airline industry.
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