Kweichow Moutai, MOJT launch cocktail series aimed at younger consumers
Published: Nov 23, 2023 10:41 PM
Jay Chou sends a video message for the release of the MOJT

Jay Chou sends a video message for the release of the MOJT "Guizhou flavors" cocktails. Photo: Website of Kweichow Moutai

China's leading liquor maker Kweichow Moutai and cocktails brand MOJT recently launched a new series of cocktail products, with popular singer Jay Chou invited to be the product ambassador. It's one of the liquor maker's latest efforts to attract younger consumers, amid concerns about young generations being less interested in alcohol.

The MOJT cocktails series was officially launched on Monday, with Moutai stating that this is their latest attempt to cater to young people. The company previously cooperated with domestic coffee brand Luckin to release a "Moutai flavored" latte, and launched liquor-filled chocolates in partnership with Mars Inc-owned Dove. 

The cooperation with Luckin drew a lot of attention in September, with some customers praising the "Moutai-flavored" latte for its aroma, while others expressed dislike for the flavor.

Chou sent a video message for the release of the new cocktail products at the press conference on Monday. By associating the brand with Chou, Moutai hopes to enhance its brand image and attract more young consumers who are fans of the popular singer and cultural icon.

"The brand ambassador is chosen perfectly, and I really want to taste the cocktail," said one netizen.

But some netizens expressed different views as they believe young people are more inclined to prefer beer to liquor. "Chinese liquor is popular among older generations in China, as it's known for its strong and distinct flavor. Personally, I prefer beer," a 43-year-old Shanghai resident surnamed Liu told the Global Times.

Impacted by factors such as the economic environment and drinking habits, the liquor industry goes through a cyclical adjustment lasting three to five years almost every decade, said a liquor industrial report released on Sunday. 

Experts have noted that China's liquor industry has entered a new development phase, and liquor companies have started experimenting more with innovation, including cross-brand innovation and cooperation with other popular food and beverage companies to create products to attract young consumers.

For instance, time-honored liquor brand Anhui Gujing cooperated with ice cream maker Baxi to promote liquor-flavor ice cream in September. Another liquor brand, Luzhou Laojiao, cooperated with Chinese milk tea firm Nayuki on new gift packages and online games in August.