GT Podcast with Mulan: Xi's Vietnam visit lifts bilateral ties; Top meeting sets economic agenda for 2024
Published: Dec 15, 2023 02:29 PM
GT Podcast with Mulan

Welcome to another episode of the GT Podcast with Mulan - a one-stop shop for the Global Times' take on top China and global news.

In today's podcast:

President Xi Jinping's state visit to Vietnam brings China-Vietnam bilateral ties into a new stage of greater political mutual trust.

The US has been trying to pit countries against China, but Vietnam won't allow other countries to exploit it for anti-China purpose, one Vietnamese scholar said.

What China's economic agenda 2024 will look like? The tone-setting Central Economic Work Conference offered the clearest clues.

How reincarnation system in Tibetan Buddhism is often misunderstood in the West? - An in-depth look at the ignored legal facts.

Many foreign writers are joining Chinese online literature - what's driving the trend?