2024 Blue Book of Henan’s Energy officially released
Published: Jan 18, 2024 05:25 PM
On January 13, the "ANNUAL REPORT ON HENAN'S ENERGY DEVELOPMENT (2024)" (2024 BLUE BOOK OF HENAN'S ENERGY), jointly compiled by State Grid Henan Economic Research Institute and Henan Academy of Social Sciences, was officially released. The book is the eighth annual report of the Blue Book series, with a total of 22 special reports on "Accelerating the Construction of New Type Energy System".

On the basis of maintaining the traditional sections of "Industry Development, Investigation and Analysis" in previous years, the 2024 Blue Book focuses on the implementation of the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference and the National Energy Work Conference, and launches two characteristic sections: first, based on the mission of the industry, launches the new type energy system chapter, carrying out in-depth and systematic research and thinking on the construction of new type energy system, rural clean energy, pricing of energy big data products, carbon emission monitoring, and putting forward suggestions on accelerating the construction of new type energy system for long-term development of Henan energy. Second, focused on major deployment, launches the new type power system chapter, carrying out in-depth and systematic research on rural modern smart distribution network, new energy storage, electric vehicle charging facilities and flood control and disaster resistance capacity construction, and providing reasonable suggestions for the construction of the new type power system in Henan province.

The Blue Book, points out that in 2023, the provincial energy industry deeply implements the decisions and deployments of the CPC Central Committee and provincial government, Coordinates high-quality development and high-level security, realizes the "double improvement, double stability" of energy supply security and clean transformation, providing a strong energy guarantee for Chinese modernization in Henan practice. On energy security, through steady increase of coal production, full power production, and stable oil and gas production, the energy security capacity is continuously improved. Preliminary statistics show that the total energy production of the province in 2023 is about 110 million tons of standard coal. On transformation, the proportion of coal power installed capacity decreased to less than 50%, and the installed capacity of renewable energy power generation exceeded 67 million kW, surpassing coal power. The power generation of renewable energy reached nearly 100 billion KWH, up 21% year on year, accounting for about a quarter of the proportion of the total social electricity consumption. The year 2024 is a breakthrough year for the "Ten strategies" of Henan Province. Preliminary judgment shows that energy consumption in the province will steadily improve and grow steadily, and the overall energy supply and demand will remain stable and orderly.(Wang Dan, Deng Fangzhao)