Shandong Energy Group ramps up clean energy network eyeing nation’s carbon emission reduction goal
Published: Jan 19, 2024 03:38 PM
Photo: Shandong Energy Group

Photo: Shandong Energy Group

Shandong Energy Group (SDE) is accelerating the construction of new energy-oriented productivity and has formed an electricity group, in a bid to implement China’s goal to achieve a peak in carbon dioxide emissions before 2030 and carbon neutrality before 2060.

In order to facilitate the nation’s development strategies including advancing the development of western regions, long-range electricity transmission projects and development of economy zone at Shandong Peninsula, SDE established its electric power group on October 28, 2022, further secured China’s power supply and transmission. 

As of now, the total power generation capacity of SDE Electric Power Group has surpassed 20 million kilowatts, the electricity generated each year surpassed 20 billion kilowatt hours, and the annual revenue crossed the benchmark of 10 billion yuan, the group told the Global Times. 

SDE Electric Power Group also integrated newly added 7.47 million kilowatts of prime electricity generation capacity since the establishment lifted the overall power generation capacity by 58 percent. The proportion of installed capacity of new energy power generation of the group was lifted by 15.5 percent, which formed an operation pattern for long-term development.

Photo: Shandong Energy Group

Photo: Shandong Energy Group

SDE Electric Power Group has been focusing on its wind and solar power sector. Two offshore wind farms located at the Bohai Sea with a total capacity of 900,000 kilowatts are still leading in the record of construction speed of the industry. 

The annual power generated from wind farms in Alxa League and Hanggin Banner, North China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, has reached 1.6 billion kilowatt hours with a total capacity of 500,000 kilowatts, becoming a successful example of China’s west-east electricity transmission project. 

In Northwest China’s Gansu Province, SDE Electric Power Group’s “solar power farmland” project highly increased the utility rate of local farmland. Besides, a large-scale wind and solar power base with an additional 2 million kilowatts of capacity is being constructed in the province, said the group. 

While focusing on green, low-carbon and high-quality development, SDE strives to become a clean energy supplier and a world-class enterprise. Based on experience in clean energy sector, SDE Electricity Group is willing to facilitate global energy source transformation. 

Global Times