China releases white paper on legal framework and measures for counter-terrorism
Published: Jan 23, 2024 09:06 AM
Photo: CFP

Photo: CFP

China on Tuesday released a white paper on its legal framework and measures for counter-terrorism, which sums up the characteristics of its counter-terrorism efforts over the past decades and exploration of the path of law-based counter-terrorism work.

The seven-part white paper, which was released by the State Council Information Office on Tuesday, is titled "China's Legal Framework and Measures for Counterterrorism." In the foreword, it expounds on the necessity of counter-terrorism legal governance and outlines the framework for implementing counter-terrorism legal governance construction.

This white paper is China's first systematic exposition of the legal system and practice of its counter-terrorism work, which will help the outside world gain a comprehensive understanding of the country's counter-terrorism legislation and practices. It will also help dispel disinformation and refute rumors, especially on China's counter-terrorism efforts in its Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, analysts said.

In the main body, the white paper reviews the improvement of the legal framework concerning efforts in counter-terrorism in China, expounds on the clear provisions for determination and punishment of terrorist activities, shows how individuals' human rights have been protected in accordance with laws during the counter-terrorism work, and displays the achievements of China's efforts in fighting terrorism.

The white paper also presents cases to enhance readability.

The State Council Information Office has previously released several white papers relating to counter-terrorism work in China's Xinjiang region and they mainly focused on counter-terrorism, de-radicalization, human rights protection, and vocational education and training, showing the progress Xinjiang has made in terms of human rights protection, Li Changlin, a professor from the Human Rights Institute School of Southwest University of Political Science and Law, told the Global Times.

The white paper released on Tuesday is no longer limited to Xinjiang region, but focuses on the whole country, providing a more systematic exposition of China's counter-terrorism legal system, Li said.

The white paper emphasizes the substantive legal basis, operation and supervision mechanisms, rights protection mechanisms in handling terrorist activities, as well as the achievements China has made in conducting counter-terrorism work in accordance with the law, the expert said.