Culture Beat: Women artist exhibit underway in Beijing
Published: Jan 30, 2024 11:51 PM
Photo: Courtesy of organizers

Photo: Courtesy of organizers

The Extraordinary Women Artists exhibition is currently underway at the Phoenix Center in Beijing. 

Through a visual celebration that gathers the creativity and pioneering spirit of women, the event aims to witness the development of Chinese women's art and pay homage to the power of females.

Curator Xiao Ge, executive director of the Phoenix Center, said that nearly 100 works by 39 women artists from different backgrounds and eras are on display.

The exhibition brings together representative figures of contemporary Chinese women artists but goes beyond the confines of gender, presenting a rich and expansive cultural spectacle. 

Through various visual languages such as oil painting, traditional Chinese painting, sculpture, installation works and new media, the artists showcase the diverse creative facets of Chinese art.

The works not only provide visual enjoyment but also offer profound interpretations and reflections on various issues such as humanity, spirituality, life, nature, and society.

Xiao said that the selection of these artists and artworks is a tribute not only to their female identity but also to their artistic creation, spirit, and careers.

During the exhibition period, a series of forums, workshops, and public education activities will be held. The exhibition is set to run until March 31.