GT Podcast with Mulan: China, US resume talks on fentanyl; Company executives confident in Chinese economy
Published: Feb 01, 2024 06:18 PM
GT Podcast with Mulan

Welcome to another episode of the GT Podcast with Mulan – a one-stop shop for the Global Times’ take on top China and global news.

In today’s podcast:

China and the US resumed talks in Beijing Tuesday on jointly stemming the production of ingredients for the drug fentanyl. The shift from blaming China to seeking cooperation signifies a significant change in the US approach toward the issue, experts said.

A recent survey conducted by the Global Times Institute has shown that entrepreneurs' confidence in the world's second-largest economy in 2024 is solid.

The Philippines' "grounded" military vessel at Ren'ai Jiao (also known as Ren'ai Reef) is causing significant harm to the marine environment. The Philippines, instigated by the US, disregards facts and continues to obfuscate, intending to mislead the international community.

A South African attorney who is leading a group of nearly 50 lawyers in a class-action lawsuit against the US and UK for their complicity in Israel's actions in Gaza told the Global Times that the two countries "must be held accountable for their conduct and what is happening within Gaza."

Finally, a close look at the cooling reception of Hollywood in the Chinese film market and the reasons behind it.