Former ministerial official Sun Zhigang expelled from CPC for serious violation of law and Party discipline
Published: Feb 05, 2024 07:00 PM
Sun Zhigang Photo:VCG

Sun Zhigang Photo:VCG


Sun Zhigang, former vice director of the Financial and Economic Affairs Committee under the National People's Congress (NPC), the country's top legislature, who also served as former secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Guizhou Provincial Committee, has been expelled from CPC over severe violations of discipline and law, according to a report by state broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV).

Sun has been investigated by the CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the National Supervisory Commission on suspicion of severe violations of Party disciplines and the country's law, according to an official statement in August. Following an investigation, Sun was found to "have lost his ideals and convictions, betrayed his original aspirations and mission, failed to implement the major decisions and arrangement of the Party Central Committee, and deceived the Party."

He is found to have violated a 'seven-point not-to-do' list that disregards Party disciplines and the law, engaging in cronyism and non-organizational activities during inspection teams in order to resist Party investigation.

He was also found to have violated an eight-point code aimed at improving Party and government conduct, illegally occupying housing, seeking special treatment in living, and accepting banquets and travel perks that could have compromised his impartiality in performing his duties.

He also violated the Party's organizational principles, not truthfully reporting personal matters. Sun is alleged to have lost the "bottom line" of integrity, accepting money and gift, obtaining high returns through private lending and taking advantage of his position to provide help for others in order to obtain personal gains. He also intervened and meddled in judicial activities. 

Sun failed to control the behaviors of family members, and did not control and educate the conduct of his spouse and children. In addition, he abused his power as a tool for personal gain, took advantage of his position and to seek gains for others in project contracting and share subscription, and illegally accepted a large amount of money and gifts in return. 

He is also suspected of criminal offenses of accepting bribes, and Sun's case will be seriously dealt with by the law, according to the CCTV report. 

In line with Party principles and the country's laws, a decision has been made to expel Sun from the Party, and confiscate all of his illicit gains. The suspected criminal offense will be referred to the procuratorate for reviewing and prosecution, the report said. 

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