Culture Beat: TV series explores reunion, family ties
Published: Feb 18, 2024 10:08 PM
Promotional material for <em>Islands</em> Photo: Courtesy of Xixi Pictures

Promotional material for Islands Photo: Courtesy of Xixi Pictures

"Reunion" has always been the most important keyword for Chinese people during the Spring Festival. Home is where the heart belongs during the Chinese New Year and getting together with family always brings great happi-ness. 

Chinese TV series Islands, which is airing on China's national TV station CCTV, also tells a story of reunion dur-ing the Chinese New Year through the experiences of the Meng family. 

Starring Xu Fan, Ma Sichun, Liang Jing and Li Xiaoran, the series co-produced by CCTV and Xixi Pictures delves into the story of Grandma Qiao Haiyun and her three daughters as well as their own families. 

Islands is a typical family story that originates with the life of a common family, making people feel a comfort-ing warmth and a power for good. 

The three generations of women in the Meng family are traveling on different tracks when it comes to life, work and pursuit of ideals but they always bonded with each other. 

 "We use the arcs of different characters to paint a family portrait and depict the concept of family. They stay together and help each other. This is also the structure of a family," said Yang Xiaopei, the artistic director and chief producer of the series. Hot issues such as intergenerational communication, parent-child relationships, and the balance between career and family are also explored to help more people gain the courage to overcome difficul-ties and return to the warmth of family.