Judicial appraisal center in Zhumadian, Henan Province, is suspected of fraud
Published: Mar 14, 2024 11:01 AM
Family phot of the couple. Photo: web

Family phot of the couple. Photo: web

On March 7, media reporters received a tip-off from volunteer Shangguan Zhengyi, claiming that the Huanghuai Judicial Appraisal Center in Zhumadian, Central China's Henan Province, was suspected of fraud and identity substitution in paternity testing relationships. Moreover, there are suspicions that illegal individuals are involved in whitewashing the identities of children adopted or illegally trafficked through internal personnel, to achieve legal residency.

The appraisal materials show that a couple from Runan county, surnamed Wang and Li, had a paternity test with a child named Wang Kekai at the center, and the result was "supporting Wang and Li as the biological parents of Wang Kekai." However, the investigation by media reporters found that the actual child being tested was not "Wang Kekai," but the biological son of this couple, "Wang Cheng." There is currently no child named "Wang Kekai" in their household registration.

Finally, the couple admitted that when establishing the paternity relationship, they had their own son Wang Cheng wear a skirt instead of "Wang Kekai" for blood testing, but they denied that Wang Kekai was adopted or abducted, claiming that she was their biological daughter who put up for adoption many years ago.

As for why they didn't have "Wang Kekai" come for the test in person, they explained that the child was not with them at the time. Netizens expressed that such behavior is incomprehensible. "This act is criminal and must be severely punished by law," one netizen said.