Stray cat feeder fined 240,000 yuan by court after man tripped by animal
Published: Mar 21, 2024 03:35 PM
Stray cats Photo: VCG

Stray cats Photo: VCG

A lawsuit that unfolded in Shanghai involves an individual who fed a stray cat and was order by court to pay 240,000 yuan ($33,336) to a man who was injured after tripped by the cat while playing badminton at a sports center has recently captured the attention of the public.

According to the case published on the Chinese Judgments Online, in April, 2023, the injured man surnamed Wu went to the badminton center with his colleagues to play. While trying to catch a ball, he unknowingly stepped on a stray cat, causing him to fall and sustain injuries. Wu's injuries were assessed to be at very high-level disability.

Later Wu filed a lawsuit against the badminton center and Xiao, the stray cat feeder. During the trial, Xiao claimed that he only fed the stray cats and did not have a feeding relationship with them. However, Xiao's colleague Lin testified in court that Xiao not only regularly fed the cats near the restroom but also took them for baths and medical treatment.

Based on the evidences, the court ultimately determined that Xiao had a feeding relationship with the stray cat. As a result, Xiao was ordered to pay a total of 240,198.20 yuan for Wu's medical expenses and disability compensation. Additionally, the badminton center was also held liable for supplementary compensation.

The case sparked a heated discussion online with the online community expressing mixed reactions to it. Some netizens expressed discomfort with the topic, while others questioned the rights of the injured cat and the responsibility of the feeder. 

The court's ruling sheds light on the responsibilities and obligations of animal feeders, emphasizing the significance of maintaining social order and safeguarding the rights of individuals. With the increasing popularity of cats on the internet, more and more cat lovers are paying attention to stray cats in their surroundings and sometimes even feeding them.

As incidents involving stray cats causing harm to individuals continue to rise, the question of who should bear the liability for such incidents remains a topic of debate. Different cases may result in varying responsibility allocations based on the specific circumstances, legal experts say. 

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