2024 World Theatre Day celebrations return to China
Published: Mar 27, 2024 11:29 PM
Pu Cunxin, chairman of the China Theatre Association Photo:

Pu Cunxin, chairman of the China Theatre Association Photo:

The 2024 World Theatre Day celebrations are being held from Wednesday to Friday in Langfang, North China's Hebei Province.

World Theatre Day, one of the core events of the International Theatre Institute, has been celebrated globally on March 27 every year since 1962. This year's celebrations feature a rich array of activities, including conferences, celebratory performances, seminars, and workshops.

After an eight-year gap, this year's World Theatre Day celebration returns to China, hosted at the Langfang International Theatre Park. A roundtable dialogue among theater professionals from China and abroad is one of the key highlights of the event.

Pu Cunxin, chairman of the China Theatre Association, emphasized the resilience showcased by the theatre in overcoming obstacles and extended warm wishes to global theatre practitioners, especially those in conflict-ridden regions.

Chen Yan, a playwright and vice chair of the China Theatre Association, highlighted theatre's role in conveying the values of human civilization through storytelling, emphasizing the significance of communication and understanding in bridging cultural divides.

Citing the Chinese opera The Butterfly Lovers and Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, he emphasized the timeless relevance of communication in human life.

Lemi Ponifasio, founding director of the international theatre and creative forum MAU, stressed the transformative potential of theatre in addressing cultural conflicts and crises, urging artists to embrace their roles as catalysts for change.

Ugandan actress and theatre educator Jessica A. Kaahwa underscored the importance of understanding and incorporating diverse cultural elements into theatrical productions to foster meaningful connections with the audience.

The roundtable discussions consist of three forums focusing on key themes: Theater as a Bridge of Communication Between Hearts, Theater as a Medium for Cultural Diversity, and Theater as a Stage for Youthful Energy. During the event, domestic and international experts will engage in exchanges and discussions on these topics.

The 2024 World Theatre Day celebrations will also feature a diverse range of performances by theater and art groups from China and abroad.

For example, French interdisciplinary theater artist Matthieu Rauchvarger will unveil the beauty of the fusion between theater and interdisciplinary arts.

Cuban choreographer Susana Pous will lead participants to delve into the unique charm of Cuban choreography, while a collection of classic traditional Chinese opera performances will also be presented.

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