First Corgi police dog in Weifang, Shandong Province, makes debut
Published: Mar 28, 2024 03:10 PM
Reserve police dog named Fuzai and a police officer Photo: screenshot from Fuzai's Weibo account

Reserve police dog named "Fuzai" and a police officer Photo: screenshot from Fuzai's Weibo account

During police open-day event in Weifang, Shandong Province, the reserve police dog named "Fuzai" stole the show with its iconic happy face, cute short legs, and outstanding explosive detection skills, quickly becoming an internet sensation at just six months old.

"I think it is a very promising Corgi among all Corgis," said Wang Ya'nan, head of the Weifang Public Security Bureau's police dog base.

When Fuzai was only two months old its performance surpassed many same-aged police dogs. Throughout its training, Fuzai has shown exceptional talent and is considered a "top student."

While there have been cases of Corgis excelling as police dogs abroad, Fuzai's appearance has once again shattered the stereotype that "short-legged" dogs cannot be police dogs. 

In order to become a police dog, Fuzai excelled in its "heavy workload" training. As a reserve police dog, its daily training sessions were split into morning and afternoon sessions, covering various subjects including obedience, explosive detection, and scent tracking.

However, some people have questioned whether this "adorable and huggable" police dog can overcome obstacles, chase and apprehend suspects, and intimidate criminals. Wang explained that during training, Fuzai has demonstrated its unique advantages.

"It has a strong adaptability to the environment, is not sensitive, and its desire for possession of items, as well as its love for food, are all very beneficial for our training," Wang said. 

Faced with skepticism, Fuzai has worked hard and delivered impressive results.

After months of training, Fuzai can use its short legs to search under cars and easily navigate narrow spaces when searching rooms. The friendly-looking Fuzai can also enhance interaction between police dogs and the public.

The Weifang police have opened a social media account for Fuzai, named "Corgi Police Fuzai," which has already attracted thousands of fans. 

Videos of Fuzai online have garnered tens of thousands of views and likes, with one video featuring Fuzai made its debut as the first Corgi reserve police dog in the country, drawing a large crowd of curious onlookers.

It is Fuzai's shining qualities that have convinced the officers to choose it as a police dog. Wang emphasized that the challenges faced by Fuzai's trainers are significant, and the reason Fuzai can perform so well is because its trainers have put in a lot of effort and dedication. 

"Police dogs are not just cute and adorable, behind the scenes, there is a lot of effort and dedication," Wang said.

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