Magnetic storms jokingly blamed for insomnia and bad luck by netizens
Published: Mar 28, 2024 03:22 PM
Geomagnetic storm Photo: VCG

Geomagnetic storm Photo: VCG

In recent days, the China Meteorological Administration issued a warning for a geomagnetic storm, sparking attention from the public. Many netizens jokingly blamed their insomnia, bad luck, and nightmares on the geomagnetic storm, claiming it was the cause of all their misfortunes. 

But is this really the case? Expert answers may disappoint many.

In fact, geomagnetic storms do not have a significant impact on human health. "The Earth's magnetic field acts as a protective layer, preventing direct solar activity from affecting the Earth's surface. Many forms of energy and substances are blocked by the magnetic field," said Rong Zhaojin, researcher at the Institute of Geology and Geophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, using the analogy of the Earth's magnetic field being like the immune system, with geomagnetic storms being a form of "immune response" to solar substances, Chinese media reported.

For example, regarding patients with implanted cardiovascular diseases and pacemakers, Yan Lai Xing, deputy chief physician of the cardiovascular department at Shulan Hospital in Hangzhou, East China's Zhejiang Province, stated that there is currently no research indicating that geomagnetic storms would affect the normal functioning of pacemakers.

"Furthermore, in the case of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), the MRI machine itself has shielding devices to prevent electromagnetic interference," said Chu Yonghua, director of the clinical medical engineering department at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University.

During peak years of solar activity, the frequency of solar eruptions also increases. This year, the number of sunspots is expected to peak, leading to a higher frequency of geomagnetic storms.

Despite detailed explanations from experts, many netizens still claim that their recent physical discomfort and bad luck are due to the geomagnetic storm.

A netizen said, "I feel dizzy and sleepy, this must be the reason for the storm. I used to be a healthy girl."  Another even joked, "I got a pay cut recently, and it must be due to the effects of the geomagnetic storm."

Experts suggest that the online discussion sparked by the geomagnetic storm reflects the public's curiosity and attention to natural phenomena, but also exposes some netizens' tendency to seek external factors to blame when facing life's challenges. 

They advise netizens not to blindly follow trends or overinterpret such news. Instead, they should pay attention to information released through official channels to obtain more accurate and comprehensive scientific knowledge of the natural phenomenon.

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