Chinese soccer governing body vows severe punishment for on-court brawl
Published: May 06, 2024 04:33 PM
A screen cut of the game between Dalian and Guangzhou

A screen cut of the game between Dalian and Guangzhou

China's national soccer governing body said on Sunday that it will conduct investigations into an on-court brawl that took place during a league game in the second division and will impose severe penalties on the players and clubs involved in accordance with the rules. 

During the game of the 9th round of the China League One (CLO) between the Dalian Young Boy Football Club and the Guangzhou team on Saturday, players of the two sides were involved in physical clashes before Guangzhou winning 1-0 against the 10-man Dalian and ending their unbeaten run since the start of the season. 

Dalian's Jose Embalo was sent off at the 18th minute for elbowing an opponent and a total of six yellow cards were handed to Guangzhou players during the game. 

However, Guangzhou's goalkeeper Huo Shenping allegedly provoked the Dalian fans after the game, escalating the fray into a mass brawl involving multiple players of the two clubs. Both Huo and Dalian's Wang Xuanhong were given red cards in the melee. 

The Chinese Football Association (CFA) said in a briefing on its website that violence on the field seriously violates the spirit of sports, affects the normal order of the game, and the viewing experience of fans. 

The CFA firmly opposes any form of violence and non-sporting behavior on the field and is committed to maintaining a healthy atmosphere in professional leagues and the image of the soccer industry. The association will deal with responsible parties seriously based on the investigation results, promptly disclose relevant information to the public, and accept public supervision.

Guangzhou has reportedly collected footage and evidence to appeal against Huo's red card and report Dalian players' violent conduct to the CFA.