China-France joint statement has gathered voices of justice: Global Times editorial
Published: May 08, 2024 12:00 AM
China France Photo:VCG


Chinese President Xi Jinping exchanged in-depth views with French President Emmanuel Macron on the situation in the Middle East during his state visit to France, and the two sides reached a joint statement on the Middle East situation. The statement is of great practical importance and far-reaching strategic significance for ending the current Palestine-Israel conflict and planning for the future Palestine-Israel peace process, as it is timely, comprehensive in content, and clear in direction.

The joint statement is an important outcome of the meeting between the leaders of the two countries. China and France, as major countries with significant international influence, have the obligation to play an active role in promoting the peace process between Israel and Palestine. China and France have broad consensus on the Middle East issue. The content of the joint statement covers the common positions of both sides on the current round of Palestine-Israel conflict, the Palestinian issue, the Iranian nuclear issue, the Red Sea crisis, and other urgent issues in the Middle East, as well as their common expectations for long-term stability in the region. This reflects the wisdom and courage of the leaders of China and France, and also embodies the just voice of the international community.

Since the outbreak of the current round of Palestine-Israel conflict, the international community's calls for a ceasefire and cessation of hostilities have been incessant. The conflict between Israel and Hamas is still ongoing, but with the mediation efforts of the international community and regional countries, the distance to reaching a new round of temporary ceasefire agreements between Israel and Hamas is narrowing. As permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, China and France are expected by the international community as peace-loving forces; the two countries have championed the voice of peace and justice on multiple international and multilateral occasions, representing the universal expectation of the international community for peace between Palestine and Israel. China-France joint statement not only reflects the consensus of the two countries on the issue of Israel and Palestine but also represents a clear stance on world peace and justice.

The joint statement also covers other major issues related to Middle East peace. The statement says that China and France are working together to find constructive solutions, based on international law, to the challenges and threats to international security and stability. It also emphasizes the condemnation of all violations of international humanitarian law, underscores the urgency of an immediate and sustainable ceasefire, particularly the importance of effectively implementing relevant United Nations resolutions and strengthening the coordination of international humanitarian efforts.

Regarding the Palestine-Israel issue, the two heads of state called for a decisive and irreversible relaunch of a political process to concretely implement the "two-state solution." They condemned Israel's policy of settlement construction, which violates international law, and called for the effective opening of all necessary corridors and crossing points to enable rapid, safe, sustainable and unhindered delivery of humanitarian aid throughout the Gaza Strip.

On the Iranian nuclear issue and the crisis in the Red Sea, both China and France reaffirm their commitment to promoting a political and diplomatic solution and stress the importance of safeguarding freedom of navigation in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.

This joint statement symbolizes the widespread expectation of the international community against hegemonic politics. In today's world, hegemonism and unilateralism run rampant, posing numerous challenges to global order and stability. The joint statement by the leaders of China and France on the Middle East issue, especially the Palestine-Israel issue, demonstrates the values of multilateralism and international cooperation. It indicates that China and France oppose external forces exacerbating conflicts and prolonging disputes by favoring one side, but advocate resolving disputes through equal dialogue and negotiation.

The consensus between China and France against hegemonic politics will inject new confidence into the maintenance of world peace and stability, and propel the international community toward a more just and peaceful future.

The Middle East issue is complex and convoluted, requiring the international community to form a consensus, pool efforts, and ease the current regional tensions. The joint statement issued by the heads of state of China and France regarding the situation in the Middle East holds significant importance. It not only signifies the practical achievements of the talks between the two leaders but also consolidates and expresses the consensus of the international community on peace in the Middle East. The China-France joint statement will make important contributions to promoting the Palestine-Israel peace process and maintaining world peace and stability, injecting powerful momentum and confidence into the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind.