Chengdu Museum's path to international cooperation
Published: May 17, 2024 02:46 AM
Chengdu Museum Photo: Screenshot from webiste

The Chengdu Museum Photo: Screenshot from webiste

The Chengdu Museum has joined hands with the Louvre Museum and the British Museum to explore future cooperation. On the eve of International Museum Day, Chengdu Museum launched in-depth cooperation discussions with these two world-class museums through online conferences.

The Chengdu Museum and the Louvre Museum discussed cooperation matters such as exhibition exchanges and talent training through an online meeting on the afternoon of May 14th. The Louvre Museum expressed its appreciation for the Chengdu Museum's ability to attract large audiences and raised hopes of deepening the partnership through the introduction of high-quality exhibitions over the next five years. The initial plan is to promote a series of exhibitions that can reflect better times and people's lives in France to Chengdu in 2026-2027.

The Louvre's classic exhibitions will be actively introduced to the Chengdu Museum in the next three years, providing Chengdu citizens with the opportunity to experience the cultural charm of romantic France at their doorstep.

The following day, an online meeting between the Chengdu Museum and the British Museum was also successfully held. During the meeting, the two parties had a detailed discussion on the themes and directions of future exhibitions. The British Museum recognizes the Chengdu Museum's international exhibitions and exchange activities.

In the past few years, the Chengdu Museum has maintained close cooperation with top museums in France, the United Kingdom, and other places. The Chengdu Museum said it will continue to play its role as a bridge for cultural exchanges, committed to introducing more high-quality exhibitions, promoting cultural exchanges, and contributing to Chengdu's creation of a world-famous cultural city.