Peru: Reception held at embassy to highlight judicial exchanges with Chinese counterparts
Published: May 30, 2024 08:15 PM
Marco Balarezo, Ambassador of Peru to China, speaks at the reception. Photo: Li Yuche/GT

Marco Balarezo (left), Ambassador of Peru to China, speaks at the reception. Photo: Li Yuche/GT

To welcome Javier Arévalo Vela, the current president of the Supreme Court of Peru, Marco Balarezo, Peruvian Ambassador to China, hosted a reception on Tuesday at the Peruvian Embassy in China. 

Vela, an important figure in the Peruvian judicial system attended the Beijing event accompanied by Peruvian law experts. Vela mentioned that he visited Beijing in 2016, but his journey this time is dedicated to further learn from China's well-established judicial system. 

Prior to the reception, Vela had a meeting with the president of the Supreme People's Court of China. He said he was "impressed by" the prolific number of Chinese judicial book collections. The expert expressed that he wants to learn how "different Chinese judicial departments collaborate with each other," and hoped that such experiences can inspire his work in Peru. 

Extending a warm welcome to Vela and his team, Balarezo spoke highly of the Peruvian judicial crew's visit, and also the exchanges between China and Peru. 

He emphasized that such an exchange is "crucial" for the two countries to strengthen their bilateral relations. It can enable the two countries to adopt the most "practical and innovative methods" that benefit the growth of their respective societies. 

Aside from discussing law exchanges, Ambassador Balarezo also expressed his appreciation for China's high-technology developments as well as the country's history and cultural civilizations.  

The ambassador told the Global Times that in June, around 160 pieces of Peruvian artifacts relating to the Inca, also known as the Ink civilization originated in the Peruvian highlands and dating back to the 13th century will be shown in Shenzhen, South China's Guangdong Province.