GT Podcast with Mulan: Relations with Arab to be a model for maintaining peace and stability. China to be pioneer in building new global financial system
Published: May 31, 2024 04:41 PM
GT Podcast with Mulan

In today's podcast:

China is ready to work with the Arab side to put in place "five cooperation frameworks" to step up the building of a China-Arab community with a shared future, Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Thursday when delivering a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the 10th ministerial conference of the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum.

China will be a pioneer leading the world into a new and innovative financial and monetary system, as global calls for an overhaul of the Bretton Woods system gain traction due to the US abuse of the dollar's hegemony and its irresponsible policy, Chinese and foreign scholars said.

A Global Times investigation focuses on the empty promises the US has made to its recipients around the world, and some arrogant political and economic conditions attached to the US aid. It looks into how these rubber cheques have brought the recipients not better lives but long-term miseries.

The ninth Trilateral Summit Meeting among China, Japan and South Korea was held in Seoul on Monday. Moon Chung-in, James Laney distinguished professor of Yonsei University and former special advisor to president Moon Jae-in for national security and foreign policy, told the Global Times that the Seoul summit offered valuable momentum for leaders of China, Japan and South Korea to meet and discuss common concerns.

At the ongoing Ride the Wind 2024, a popular Chinese reality show featuring over 30 female contestants from various countries and cultural backgrounds, a Vietnamese singer emerged as one of the up-and-coming talents. She won the hearts of her audience not only with her breathtaking voice but also with her impressive dance skills and fluent Chinese.