China’s anti-dumping probe of EU imported brandy to follow WTO rules, protect legal rights of relevant stakeholders: MOFCOM
Published: Jun 20, 2024 09:27 PM
Chinese Ministry of Commerce spokesperson He Yadong at a regular press conference Photo: Yin Yeping/GT

Chinese Ministry of Commerce spokesperson He Yadong at a regular press conference Photo: Yin Yeping/GT

China's anti-dumping investigation into imported brandy from the EU, which was initiated in January 2024, has commenced in accordance with WTO rules and domestic laws, said China's Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM), and it will protect the legal rights of all relevant stakeholders.

He Yadong, spokesperson for the MOFCOM, made the remarks on Thursday during a regular press conference in response to a question that some French brandy producers are concerned about the result of the investigation after the EU announced to impose extra tariffs on imported electric vehicles from China.

He said that the Chinese authorities commenced their investigation under WTO rules and domestic laws and regulations, fully protecting the legitimate rights of all parties involved. Investigation procedures such as registering responses, and distributing and collecting questionnaires, have been completed, he said.

Since the investigation began on January 5, 2024, about 140 companies and industry associations from the EU have registered their responses, said He. Nearly 120 companies from the EU have submitted their questionnaires so far, and relevant associations from the EU have made many comments and suggestions.

He said that China's authorities have the right to reveal their decision after 60 days since the investigation was initiated. 

"The authorities have organized their resources to conduct a thorough investigation, they are currently reviewing answer sheets and comments closely, and they have distributed supplementary questionnaires to relevant stakeholders," he said.

The investigative agency will make a decision in accordance with the investigation results and the law, said the spokesperson. 

In addition, in response to another question about whether China will impose temporary tariffs on pork imports from the EU during the anti-dumping investigation period, the MOFCOM spokesperson said that the ministry will make a ruling after the anti-dumping investigation is completed. The probe was launched on June 17 at the request of domestic industries according to the law.

Provisional anti-dumping measures may be taken if dumping is found to exist and cause damage to domestic industries after preliminary investigation, according to WTO rules and China's anti-dumping regulations. Anti-dumping duties may be levied if the case meets relevant regulations, the ministry said. 

This investigation will be completed by June 17, 2025. The duration could be extended by six months under special circumstances, according to the MOFCOM.