GT Podcast with Mulan: Philippines’ infringements, provocations warned;China launches anti-dumping probe into EU pork, pig by-products
Published: Jun 21, 2024 03:23 PM
GT Podcast with Mulan

In today’s podcast:
The China Coast Guard on Monday took control measures in accordance with the law, including issuing warnings, intercepting, boarding and conducting inspections, when three Philippine vessels illegally entered the waters off Ren'ai Jiao, in China's Nansha Qundao, the first operation made known to the public after China's newly released administrative law enforcement procedures for Coast Guard agencies, which took effect on Saturday. 
Starting from Monday, China's Ministry of Commerce, at the request of the Chinese domestic industry, launched an anti-dumping investigation into certain pork and pig by-products originating from the EU. The move is in line with relevant Chinese laws and regulations as well as WTO rules.
Chinese Premier Li Qiang wrapped up his Australia visit on Tuesday. The visit underscores the significance of the China-Australia relationship, and essentially Australia wants to "stabilize" its relations with China, an Australian scholar said in an interview with the Global Times.
The growth of young Living Buddhas in Xizang Buddhism Academy demonstrates China's efforts to protect traditional culture, religious freedom and human rights in Xizang.
Over 300 renowned online writers, cartoonists, animators and short drama creators as well as other TV and drama creators participated in the 2024 China Literature Online Creation Conference in Huangshan, East China's Anhui Province, on Wednesday.