China protests US cyber-theft incitment

Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai on May 20 accused the United States of hypocrisy for charging five Chinese nationals of alleged commercial espionage, citing Edward Snowden's revelations of US spying operations worldwide.
Source: | 2014/5/21 19:12:08

China, US seek to reboot relations at strategic dialogue

After months of tension caused by cyber security and maritime disputes, an annual meeting between senior Chinese and US officials, which starts Wednesday in Beijing, is hoped to put the brake on a downward spiral in Sino-US relations.
Source: | 2014/7/9 18:57:43

Summer Davos Forum 2015

The upcoming "Summer Davos" meeting in China's Dalian will feature discussions on China and global economic growth, and technological innovation.
Source: | 2015/9/8 18:02:51

China celebrates 70th Anniversary of Victory of World Anti-Fascist War

The September 3 parade will be the first to commemorate the anniversary of victory in the Chinese People's War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression and WWII. It is also the first time that foreign armies will participate in a military parade in China.
Source: | 2015/9/1 15:58:45

CCTV's post-WWII documentary shows Berlin's tough repentance lesson for Tokyo

The documentary presents the different attitudes of Germany and Japan with regard to World War II, and provides a comparison between the two countries' influences on their populations.
Source: | 2015/7/2 20:08:58

Tianjin explosions: Latest updates

An explosion ripped through a warehouse in the Binhai New Area in China's Tianjin City on August 12.
Source: | 2015/8/13 13:06:31

Bangkok explosions: Latest updates

Four Chinese nationals, including two from the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, have been confirmed killed in a Bangkok explosion Monday night, the Chinese embassy in Thailand said on Tuesday.
Source: | 2015/8/18 14:53:50

The unfinished legacy - a special report on how history overshadows Japan and its neighbors

70 years ago, the inferno of war was finally put out after colossal losses to human civilization. We now enjoy peace, as well as prosperity that built on victory in the war. This year is an opportunity for the world to remember and reflect. As close neighbors, China and Japan's history has been intertwined, mingling both mutual learning and battle. The past century saw the most bitter memories of warfare but also magnanimity in peace. However, while the mainstream calls for peace and cooperation, the right-wing camp in Japan has never stopped its pursuit of overturning the postwar consensus and political structure. Their efforts have increasingly driven the national policymaking process.
Source: | 2015/8/7 16:59:26

Ferry carrying 454 people sinks in Yangtze River

The Eastern Star, which left the eastern Chinese city of Nanjing at 1:15 pm Thursday bound for Chongqing Municipality on the upper reaches of the river, sank "within one or two minutes" of being caught in freak weather in Jianli, Hubei Province, according to the ship's captain and chief engineer who survived the incident.
Source: | 2015/6/2 15:26:42

China's military advances in 2014 reviews China's major military advances, offering a systematical analysis to the developments and prospects of China's military power in 2014.
Source: | 2015/2/15 18:10:28

Suu Kyi's China visit: the wider picture

Aung San Suu Kyi, a key figure in Myanmar's opposition, embarked on a groundbreaking visit to China on June 10, a gesture of openness from Beijing as it explores diversified channels to boost ties with Myanmar in a changing political environment.
Source: | 2015/6/11 11:32:38

India PM Modi visits China

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will pay an official visit to China beginning Thursday, May 14.
Source: | 2015/5/12 18:37:34

Boao Forum for Asia 2015

With the advent of the 2015 Boao Forum for Asia (BFA), China, the host country, hopes the BFA annual meeting will promote solidarity and cooperation among Asian nations as well as the regional integration process to achieve an all-win outcome.
Source: | 2015/3/27 10:47:45

Nepal rocked by 8.1-M earthquake

Death toll of Nepal's April 25 earthquake has risen to 7,365 with the number of injured standing at 14,366, figures from the Ministry of Home Affairs showed on May 4.
Source: | 2015/4/26 13:02:37

Germanwings crash: Timeline, figures and reactions

An Airbus A320 plane of the German low-cost airline Germanwings with 150 people on board crashed on March 24 in southern France, French authorities confirmed. No one is expected to have survived.
Source: | 2015/3/25 19:45:51

Lee Kuan Yew and China: A special relationship

China on Monday mourned the death of former Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, calling him a statesman of unique influence in Asia.
Source: | 2015/3/23 11:57:05

Christmas at the top of the world: Catholics in Tibet

Here in Yanjing village in Mangkang county stands the only Catholic church in the Tibet Autonomous Region. Villagers are free to choose whatever faith they want. There are some cases of Catholics and Tibetan Buddhists living in the same family without any problems.
Source: | 2015/1/26 18:49:05

Waste not: The dirty dangers facing China's trash recyclers

Flies cover the face of a worker's child on the back of a worker sorting plastic waste in a northern Chinese village. The processing of imported waste and scrap metal has been a significant industry in China's rural towns for many years. Besides developing local economy, this industry also brings about fatal environmental pollution and threatens the local people's health. Photos: Wang Jiuliang
Source: about human | 2015/1/21 19:23:06