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Chinese artist shines brightly at int'l art festival in Ukraine

"I would like to share my culture with Ukrainian artists and art lovers and let them know more about China and its paintings," Qi Shaoting, an artist representing China, told Xinhua at the 2nd international plein air art festival "The Best Artist" in central Ukraine.
Source: Xinhua | 2018/6/7 9:45:37

Scans reveal newsprint, second painting under famous Picasso

Infrared imaging technology has helped peel back the layers of a Pablo Picasso painting on display in Japan, and revealed a page from a 1902 newspaper and another composition below.
Source: AFP | 2018/6/6 17:58:39

Archeologists discover ancient Chinese Wuzhu coins in Korean tomb in North Gyeongsang Province, S.Korea

A team of South Korean archaeologist have unearthed three dagger-axes decorated with 26 ancient Chinese Wuzhu coins in a tomb in Kyongsan, a city in South Korea's North Gyeongsang Province.
Source: Global Times | 2018/6/6 17:38:40

Across China: Ancient Afghan treasures tour China

A collection of 231 Afghan artifacts from the National Museum of Afghanistan is on display in central China's Henan Province, the fourth leg of the Afghan treasures' China tour.
Source: Xinhua | 2018/6/6 16:40:34

Sing For Hope

Sing For Hope, a New York City-based nonprofit, kicked off on Monday its annual public arts project - dozens of painted pianos have been dispersed throughout the city to promote the importance of education in the creative arts and music.
Source: Xinhua | 2018/6/5 17:38:39

Van Gogh landscape sells for seven mln euros at auction

An early landscape by Vincent Van Gogh, one of the art world's most sought-after painters, sold for 7.07 million euros (8.27 million US dollars) at an auction in Paris on Monday.
Source: CGTN | 2018/6/5 10:36:48

SW China launches protection work on 3,500-year-old rock paintings

Southwest China's Yunnan Province has launched a program to preserve a collection of 3,500-year-old rock paintings.
Source: Xinhua | 2018/6/5 8:26:57

Copyright platform established to protect children's IP rights

China's first platform dedicated to protecting the intellectual property rights of minors has been established in Beijing, the platform operators, Beijing Culture Equity Exchange, announced on Monday in a press release.
Source: Global Times | 2018/6/4 18:18:39

The art of late Qing Dynasty artist Wu Changshuo comes to Palace Museum for first time

An exhibition showing seals, paintings and calligraphy by Wu Changshuo (1844-1927), a prominent artist in the late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), kicked off on Sunday at the Palace Museum in Beijing.
Source: Global Times | 2018/6/4 18:13:40

Serpentine Pavilion comes to Beijing

The London-based Serpentine Galleries revealed their first overseas pavilion at the WF Central shopping mall in downtown Beijing on Tuesday. Designed by Liu Jiakun, the Serpentine Pavilion Beijing will bring a series of art and life events to the capital until October, including Serpentine's Inspiration Talk Series.
Source: Global Times | 2018/6/3 17:28:40

Chinese acrobats win title in int'l circus festival in Ukraine

An acrobatic troupe from central China's Hunan Province won the first prize at an international competition of circus art here Friday.
Source: Xinhua | 2018/6/2 17:32:03

Harvey Weinstein indicted on charges of rape, criminal sex act in US

Movie producer Harvey Weinstein has been indicted on charges of rape and criminal sex act by a New York City grand jury.
Source: Xinhua | 2018/6/1 13:24:38

Photo exhibition on China's opening up held in New York

A photo exhibition on China's opening up has attracted hundreds of visitors in New York City during the past week.
Source: Xinhua | 2018/6/1 10:14:41

Chinese American artist Pei Zhuangxin talks about his lifelong love affair with Tibet

When Pei Zhuangxin first went to the Tibet Autonomous Region in the early 1970s at the age of 15, he never imagined that he would one day become a celebrated artist. He also never expected that this remote plateau would remain a continual theme for his creations throughout his artistic career.
Source: Global Times | 2018/5/31 19:33:39

Art attack

One of Russia's leading art galleries announced on Monday it would try to stop the sale of alcohol on its premises after a man attacked a masterpiece with a metal pole after drinking vodka there.
Source: Reuters | 2018/5/30 0:03:42

Chinese Tibetologist delegation visits Latvian capital Riga

A delegation of Chinese Tibetologists, currently visiting the Latvian capital Riga, had a meeting on Monday with Latvian lawmakers, officials, academics and public representatives during which they provided a comprehensive insight into Tibetan history, culture and religion.
Source: Xinhua | 2018/5/30 0:03:42

Jewish World War II refugee gallery opens in Shanghai's Hongkou district

A gallery dedicated to the memory of Jewish refugees in Shanghai during WWII has opened in the Hongkou district of Shanghai.
Source: Xinhua | 2018/5/30 0:03:42

Hong Kong forum explores how the ancient Silk Road tied nations together through art

As one of the most critical and active areas along the ancient Silk Road, Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region has a rich and varied cultural and artistic heritage that has been the subject of growing global academic research. Recently, with the implementation of China's Belt and Road initiative, research concerning Tibetan art and its connection to the Silk Road has been on the rise.
Source: Global Times | 2018/5/29 19:08:40