Films from Wes Anderson, Steve McQueen in Cannes official 2020 selection

The Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday unveiled its official 2020 selection of 56 films, with nods for filmmakers Wes Anderson, Francois Ozon and Steve McQueen, despite the physical festival being ...

Netizens in China wary about Chinese adaptation of popular Norwegian web series 'Skam'

The Chinese remake of Norwegian web series Skam, which has been adapted in eight countries, will start shooting in July. The news has sparked controversy among Chinese netizens, many of whom have said they are against the adaptation.
Source: Global Times | 2020/5/12 15:53:40

US economy will be worse in 2021, causing more blame aimed at foreigners: Jim Rogers

The two daughters of US investor and financial commentator Jim Rogers opened an account on China's video platform Bilibili on May 1, and so far, their Chinese language speaking capabilities have stunned Chinese netizens who have since dubbed them the richest vloggers on the platform.
Source: | 2020/5/11 23:31:44

London's annual Chinese cultural event goes online amid COVID-19

Without leaving home, people in the UK can enjoy Chinese culture online and from the comfort of their homes.
Source: | 2020/5/12 3:38:30

China's history academy cautions students over celebrity worship

A primary school teacher in East China's Jiangsu Province was suspended on Monday for instructing her students to appear in a short video in support of a Chinese actor, triggering controversy on the Chinese internet.
Source: | 2020/5/12 3:11:14

Chinese, Indian artists and scholars celebrate iconic literati's 159th birthday

Seventy-nine years after his demise, Nobel laureate and multi-faceted polymath Rabindranath Tagore's creations continue to capture hearts with his belief in an international and borderless world. This ethos is clearly reflected in a collaborative micro-documentary as scholars and students from across the globe, including China, came together to commemorate the 159th anniversary of Tagore's birth.
Source: Global Times | 2020/5/11 17:40:49

Museums preserve lockdown life with masks and slippers

Would you put your slippers on display? The global coronavirus pandemic is still raging but museums are already gathering testimony and objects to remember life under lockdown.
Source: AFP | 2020/5/11 17:33:40

'CHUANG 2020' a hit after opening with a 7.1/10 on Douban

Chinese reality show Chuang 2020 has become a hit since its debut on May 2. The show opened with a 7.1/10 on Chinese media review site Douban as well as kicked off a number of trending topics about the show on social media.
Source: Global Times | 2020/5/11 14:14:38

Film sector eyes 40 bln yuan as cinemas reopen

A circular released by China's State Council on epidemic prevention and control on Friday said the movie industry is counting down the days when business will resume.
Source: | 2020/5/11 3:48:08

China's cultural industry takes first steps toward resumption of normal life

After closing for 110 days, the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra finally performed in front of a live audience in its home theater in Shanghai on Friday. The long-awaited live performance was held on the same day that cinemas and theaters were allowed to reopen in the Chinese mainland.
Source: Global Times | 2020/5/10 17:43:40

'Laughing to Die' predicts horrifying story of son burying mother alive

The news that a 79-year-old mother in Northwest China's Shannxi Province survived for days after being buried alive by her son in a graveyard has angered many Chinese people, who posted comments condemning the son, who was apparently trying to escape from having to take care of her.
Source: Global Times | 2020/5/10 17:03:41

Skopje artists pierce humdrum of confinement

Before kicking off a recent rock show in Skopje, the leader of the band Funk Shui did something he had never done before: apologize for the noise the group was about to make.
Source: AFP | 2020/5/10 16:53:40

Religion's hold on Little Richard, rock's sex-amped founder

A ferocious pianist with a madcap rubberband of a voice and bombastic stage personality, Little Richard, who died on Saturday at 87, will go down in history as a key architect behind years of rock's music world dominance.
Source: AFP | 2020/5/10 16:23:40

Chinese reality competition show featuring middle-aged female celebrities goes viral on social media

Age may possibly be a useful weapon in some industries, but for entertainers, especially women entertainers, age is usually a horrible enemy that can deny them many opportunities.
Source: | 2020/5/7 23:11:36