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2011 Dongfeng Fengshen H30 launched

  • Source: Global Times
  • [17:41 January 18 2011]
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Dongfeng Motor Corporation (DFM) officially launched the Fengshen H30 on Monday in five different versions. The car comes at a price range between 75,800 yuan ($11,494) and 99,800 yuan ($15,134).

The company will subsidize 2.5 percent of its vehicles' purchase tax for those who buy the sedan during the January 1-February 2 period.

The model measures 4,268 x 1,740x 1,482mm with a wheelbase of 2,610 mm.

Adopting the same power system as Fengsheng S30, the new model features a 1.6 L TU5JP4 engine, and reaches a maximum power of 106 hp, maximum torque of 142 Nm.

The model is either mated with a 5-speed manual transmission or an Aisin 4-speed automatic transmission.

The car is generally equipped with double airbags, four-wheel ABS brakes, seatbelt reminding system, reversing radar, and front fog lamps. Some upgraded versions provide also lateral airbags, electric sunroof, leather seats, GPS navigation, rear mirror heating system and automatic air-conditioner.

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