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After 1989, students had to spend 1 year in military camps, now such training is business

China has imposed military training on all college students since 1989 in a bid to ensure that the elites of the future absorb official ideology. Even to this day it remains a touchy topic for those who spent a year in military camps during the early 1990s, a period marked by political confusion.
Source: Global Times | 2016/7/24 19:28:00

Property rights don’t come easy for China’s urban homeowners

China has established rules for "homeowner committees" to motivate urban property owners to administer their neighborhood affairs through community elections and self-governance.
Source: Global Times | 2016/7/21 19:33:30

City in the sky, Changsha’s ‘world’s tallest building’ no taller after stalling for three years

Three years ago, the CEO of the Broad Group, announced plans to build the world's tallest building in which people would be able to find everything they need "except a crematorium." Though he said it would be finished within a year, almost three years later the project has barely started and its fate is uncertain.
Source: Global Times-Agencies | 2016/7/20 19:23:01

How trainers churn out Internet celebrities

Have you heard about online hosts that broadcast from their bedrooms, get famous overnight and make thousands, even tens of thousands, of yuan every month? Think you might like to quit your day job and give it a shot, but have no idea how to become a hit? Luckily for you there are companies out there that can help you become an Internet celebrity with just a little training and packaging.
Source: Global Times | 2016/7/19 23:38:05

Wukan disputes highlight conflict of interest at heart of rural development

Marchers carrying banners and slogans ringing in the air have come again to the streets of Wukan, a village under the city of Lufeng, an old revolutionary base for the Communist Party of China-led peasant uprising of the late 1920s. Angry over what they say is inadequate compensation after land grabs, the villagers are protesting against the developers and the local government.
Source: Global Times | 2016/7/18 19:43:01

As millions are relocated to towns, some find it hard to abandon rural life

To reduce poverty, China has started a massive plan to relocate 10 million people from their rural homes to nearby towns by 2020. In an effort to encourage them to move, local governments are providing free housing, job opportunities and integration programs, but some are reluctant to leave their homes.
Source: Global Times | 2016/7/17 18:33:00

Hubei blows up dike to disperse surging floodwaters

At 7 am Thursday morning, soldiers used explosives to break the embankment between Liangzi Lake and Niushan Lake in Hubei Province to relieve the water of Liangzi lake which was above alert level. After the operation, water from Liangzi Lake, where its level was at least one-meter higher than that of Niushan Lake, flowed across the embankment, joining the two lakes together.
Source: Global Times | 2016/7/14 18:23:16

China’s exam high-scorers weighed down by unrealistic expectations

Even in the Internet age, few ordinary people reach nationwide fame as quickly as those who ace the gaokao college entrance exams. While enjoying glory and admiration, these young people need to get ready for the sneers that will come if they fail to meet the sky-high expectations that society places on them.
Source: Global Times | 2016/7/13 19:33:00

Filipinos living in China wish for better ties under Duterte

The Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague issued on Tuesday an award over the dispute in the South China Sea between China and the Philippines in favor of the latter’s claims. Filipinos living in China expressed their hopes for peace and their expectations for the bilateral relationship to the Global Times.
Source: Global Times | 2016/7/12 20:28:00

What you need to know about The Hague arbitration, the China-Philippines sea dispute

The Permanent Court of Arbitration, an international organization based in The Hague, the Netherlands, is set to release on Tuesday its award in the Philippines-initiated case involving territory in the South China Sea which both Manila and Beijing claim. China repeatedly denied the legitimacy of the case, which was filed unilaterally by the Philippines, and has said it would not participate in or accept the result of the case.
Source: Global Times | 2016/7/11 21:33:00

Beijing NGO tries to help inmates’ children ignored by social security system

Nearly one million children in China have at least one parent in prison. Many of them are "de facto orphans" who lack any parental care or any support from the country's social security system. A Beijing NGO is trying to help these children heal and repair their relationships with their parents.
Source: Global Times | 2016/7/10 19:28:00

Eid in the East

Muslims from all over China gather near Huxi Mosque, Shanghai to pray during Eid al-Fitr on July 6.
Source: Global Times | 2016/7/7 18:43:00

A draft amendment triggers off worries about surge of Islamic extremism

China’s social media abuzz with debates about a draft amendment which requires more governmental support for ethnic minorities.
Source: Global Times | 2016/7/6 21:18:00

Renowned imam talks about improving ethnic ties, Hajj, religious training in Xinjiang

Mohtirem Sheripjan, a Xinjiang imam, was interviewed by the Global Times, in which he talked about the current situation of Islam in Xinjiang.
Source: Global Times | 2016/7/5 20:43:01

Xinjiang’s millennial entrepreneurs make the most of the Internet age

Young entrepreneurs from Xinjiang are exploring new business areas such as e-commerce, online education, digital solutions, the Internet of Things and more.
Source: Global Times | 2016/7/4 23:53:01

On 10th anniversary of world’s highest railway, new lines planned in Tibet

Four railway lines going into Tibet from other neighboring provinces are either being built or planned.
Source: Global Times | 2016/7/3 21:23:00

More ‘middle-class’ CPC tries to recruit workers, farmers to stay true to origins

As signs of optimization, the Communist Party of China is getting younger, wealthier and more educated.
Source: Global Times | 2016/6/28 19:28:00

In face of challenges, CPC reconnects with grass roots

As the Communist Party of China celebrates the 95th anniversary of its founding, it is expected to become more legitimate, more effective and stronger as it meets future challenges.
Source: Global Times | 2016/6/30 20:38:00