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Veteran petitioner gets chance to hear people's grievances

Petitioner turns into petition bureau director and resigns after a few months of double life.
Source: Agencies | 2014/7/25 5:03:02

Japan embassy attacker reveals family's wartime suffering

Liu has done more than protest: He set fire to the Yasukuni Shrine in 2011 and threw Molotov cocktails into the Japanese Embassy in South Korea in 2012. He was then arrested in South Korea and thrown into prison for several months. The Japanese government had wanted to extradite him from Seoul in order to try him in a Japanese court. The case became well-known worldwide, and the South Korean government eventually denied the request.
Source: Global Times | 2014/7/18 5:03:01

Student helps kidnapped Uyghur children find home

Eliyar Eziz spent one-third of his life outside of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, but has helped many children return to that region.
Source: Global Times | 2014/7/11 5:03:02

Doctors without barriers

Among the first batch of medical college graduates summoned by a national initiative in the late 1980s to help eliminate leprosy, Tang Xin, 52, an ophthalmologist in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, has since devoted his life to the cause.
Source: Global Times | 2014/7/4 5:03:01

Reverse vampire

Zhao, a senior student at Shenyang Agricultural University, suddenly became a household name in the city after local media reported his regular donations of blood over the last three years.
Source: Global Times | 2014/6/27 5:03:01

Hidden among the Himalayas

Climbing the Himalayas and venturing between the craggy cliffs that line Tibet's raging Yarlung Tsangbo River are mighty achievements in their own right. But 81-year-old Ji Wenzheng has done both scores of times, in an effort to record the cultural legacy of an isolated county in southeastern Tibet.
Source: Global Times | 2014/5/23 5:03:02

Road to redemption

Dolkun Tunurganjan, 31, a Uyghur from Yining county, Northwest China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, planned to travel across 30 provinces or regions within two years.
Source: Global Times | 2014/5/16 5:03:01

The final word

When 78-year-old linguist Che Hongcai presented the 50,000-odd-entry, 2.5-million-word handwritten manuscript for his Chinese-Pashto dictionary to his publishing house in 2012, nobody knew quite what to say.
Source: Global Times | 2014/5/9 5:03:01

Real-life private eye

Cheng, 34, a Hongkonger, is one of seven detectives in his company, Hong Kong Wan King On Investigations. There are about 10 private companies in Hong Kong listed online, and according to Cheng, 90 percent of them only have two or three employees. For the past eight years, Cheng has lived his private detective life acting as a drunken man, tailing people, taking sneaky snapshots and working undercover in different companies.
Source: Global Times | 2014/4/25 5:03:02

Veteran barber Chen Youbao on his years grooming China's top leadership

Veteran barber Chen Youbao knows best that for any Chinese politician looking to get ahead, just take a little off the top.
Source: | 2014/4/22 19:07:22

Cartoonist team remembers suffering during Cultural Revolution

Even though she's almost 76, Li Qing'ai can still vividly remember the day more than 40 years ago, when she was captured by her neighbors and locked in a cell for torture.
Source: Global Times | 2014/4/18 5:03:01

NBC bets on comedy, to air 'Voice' twice a season

Sunday announced 16 new TV shows – seven of them comedies – for the 2012-13 season, and in a show of confidence said it will broadcast singing contest The Voice in the fall as well as the spring.
Source: Reuters | 2012/5/14 19:45:02

Comedian David Brenner dies at 78

David Brenner, a stand-up comedian who appeared regularly on The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson, died on Saturday in New York, a family spokesman said. He was 78.
Source: Reuters | 2014/3/16 18:08:01

Xu Xing rejects mainstream fame in quest for truth

Xu Xing never minds being called sanwu - "three nos," as he takes pride being with no permanent job, no social insurance and no house. Normally the term is an insult thrown at migrants or "failures."
Source: Global Times | 2014/4/11 5:03:02

Nation's top taboo tackler hopes one day he won't be needed

About 30 years ago, Pan Suiming and two male friends secretly watched pornography together. Their mouths fell open when they saw the oral sex scene.
Source: Global Times | 2014/3/28 5:03:02

Climbers show Russians anything they can do, Chinese can do better

Dangling their feet from the top of Shanghai Tower, the world's second-tallest building upon completion, Gao Yonghui and Zhang Zizhe seem quite calm in pictures they uploaded online.
Source: Global Times | 2014/3/21 5:03:01

Knitting Queen

As the weather turns warmer in mid-March, it becomes time to pack all our heavy coats away and switch our wardrobe to "spring and summer" mode. Of course, those in the fashion industry always have to be one step ahead, which is why the coming Fall/Winter China Fashion Week next week will be a fresh new feast for the eyes as we see what hits the runway.
Source: Global Times | 2014/3/20 20:13:01

Film director Lu Chuan joins Le Vision

One of the leading private film production companies in China, Le Vision Pictures, has now added another young celebrated domestic director to its board of directors. Last Thursday during its annual summit in Beijing, Le Vision declared that Lu Chuan has officially joined the company and that in the future Le Vision plans to take part in many of Lu's films, including his highly anticipated Ghost Blows Out the Light which just started filming recently.
Source: Global Times | 2014/3/17 19:18:01