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Wang Wenbiao's business empire aims to turn barren lands into oases

The desert made Wang Wenbiao's life hard, but it also made him rich. Better known in China as the "Son of the Desert," Wang, 56, is the chairman of China's largest private green industries enterprise, which has total assets of over 10 billion yuan ($1.6 billion).
Source: Global Times | 2015/5/15 5:03:01

Gao Wenbin looks back on his experience at Tokyo Trials

Ever since childhood, he was called “a tough guy.” At the age of 95, Gao Wenbin is still tough, and has the bearing of an athlete.
Source: Global Times | 2015/5/8 5:03:02

Villager wins fame for portrayal of anti-corruption drive

An electrical appliance engineer in a village of Central China's Hubei Province recently won overnight fame after his latest anti-corruption painting was published by several leading Chinese media.
Source: Global Times | 2015/4/24 5:03:01

Transsexual dance star finds fame with gift for gab

Jin Xing, the most famous transsexual in China, has made a name for herself for what she does, rather than what she is.
Source: Global Times | 2015/4/17 5:03:02

French photographer documents decades of changes in China

After a 10-year struggle with manic depression, French photographer Yann Layma has returned with his first Chinese photo album Yesterday's China, continuing his love affair with the country.
Source: Global Times | 2015/4/10 5:03:25

Student tackles dishonest food manufacturers, safety scandals

Chen Qiaoling quit her job at a private equity fund on Beijing's Financial Street, suspended her course at Tsinghua and devoted herself to an unlikely cause: she founded a food safety research center, called Yueyaduo, at Tsinghua University, dedicated to raising people's awareness of food safety and providing solutions to farmers and food manufacturers that want to raise the quality of their products.
Source: Global Times | 2015/3/27 5:03:02

Environmental official uses fiction to highlight pollution problems

Li Chunyuan, deputy chief of the environmental protection bureau of Langfang in North China's Hebei Province, wrote a novel to highlight the quandary facing the largely-toothless watchdogs in charge of protecting China's increasingly ravaged environment.
Source: Global Times | 2015/3/20 5:03:01

Hero of Jiaolong seeks new frontiers of deep-sea marine science

The hero of Jiaolong had decided that he would attempt to build a manned submersible capable of diving to a depth of 11,000 meters, which he expects to reach the Challenger Deep, the deepest known point on earth, located in the Mariana Trench in the western Pacific Ocean, in 2019. He named the planned submersible Rainbow Fish.
Source: Global Times | 2015/3/13 5:03:02

Tiananmen guard demobilized after record term of service

Good-looking, fit and 190 centimeters tall, he has had his fair share of female admirers. Not a film star nor a model, he was the soldier who raised the flag at Tiananmen Square for more than 11 years before he applied to be demobilized in January.
Source: Global Times | 2015/3/6 5:03:01

Hopeful Mars traveler torn between dreams and family

“Dad, please don't go to Mars,” Li Dapeng's 5-year-old son pleaded. The child had been told by his mother to say so, after Li received an e-mail one week earlier congratulating him on being one of 100 final candidates out of 200,000 applicants worldwide who would be shortlisted for a mission to Mars.
Source: Global Times | 2015/2/27 5:03:02

Entrepreneur wants 'death experience' venue to raise discussion about life

Huang Weiping has played many roles: successful businessman, psychological consultant, and NGO director. But after the Chinese New Year, he will be playing a new role: the God of Death.
Source: Global Times | 2015/2/16 5:03:02

Breaker of Taboos

Li Yinhe, a renowned sexologist, has gone from a scholar to someone using her own example to spread understanding. She says that although her role came about by accident, she is happy she can contribute.
Source: Global Times | 2015/2/14 5:03:01

The poetry of suffering

Ever since Yu Xiuhua, a farmer and poet with cerebral palsy, published her daring poem Travelling More Than Half of China to Sleep with You last November and had it forwarded by Poetry Periodical in WeChat, she has travelled a bumpy road to fame.
Source: Global Times | 2015/2/6 5:03:01

Filmmaker focuses on pollution caused by overseas waste

Over the past seven years, freelance filmmaker Wang Jiuliang has dedicated himself to two things: spending three years taking photos showing the garbage that besieged the capital city Beijing, and making a documentary on pollution in vast areas of China caused by plastic waste from overseas, titled Plastic China, for the past three years.
Source: Global Times | 2015/1/30 5:03:01

Zhan Youbing trains his camera on a neglected social group

At first he wanted to show his family back home his life in the cities but later he thought that mastering the art of photography could increase his sense of security and help him become more competitive in the labor market.
Source: Global Times | 2015/1/23 5:03:01

Foreign face, Chinese heart

Li Yizu is not a typical Chinese man. For a start, he doesn't look like one. Ever since he was a child, he has been singled out for his chiseled facial features, blue eyes and blond hair.
Source: Global Times | 2015/1/16 5:03:02

CCTV host goes from 'Lady at the back' to stage setter

Despite having interviewed a number of leading foreign government officials and hosting prestigious meetings, Tian Wei, a China Central Television (CCTV) English Channel host, is surprisingly low-key and maintains a humble attitude.
Source: Global Times | 2015/1/9 5:03:01

Wang Hao ends storied career on China's table tennis team

China's table tennis world champion Wang Hao finished his career as a professional player earlier this month without a gold medal for an Olympic singles title.
Source: Global Times | 2015/1/3 5:03:03