SCO hosts meeting for media representatives from member states

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/9/5 18:28:40

The SCO Secretary-general Vladimir Norov (center) gives remarks to the media representatives at the SCO Headquarters in Beijing. Photo: YinYeping/GT

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Headquarters in Beijing hosted a meeting for media representatives from some SCO countries on September 5. The SCO Secretary-general Vladimir Norov met the representatives and gave a speech in which he outlined the functions and missions of the SCO and the challenges that it must face together with the rest of the world. Norov highlighted several important issues, such as terrorism and the trade war, which he said the SCO is against and greatly concerned about. "The world is changing, and we are facing different challenges. SCO is against nationalism and trade wars and these are against the peaceful vision of SCO countries," he said. Norov also reviewed all the activities held by the SCO in 2019 and expressed his wishes for boosting multilateral interactions through tourism. Around 30 media representatives attended the meeting.


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