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Gourmet grub

At a hip Bangkok diner, foodies with an adventurous palate tuck into a bug-based menu that includes watermelon salad sprinkled in bamboo worms, nachos with silkworm cherry tomato salsa and pasta made from ground crickets.
Source: AFP | 2017/9/1 17:23:39

Gourmet grub

At a hip Bangkok diner, foodies with an adventurous palate tuck into a bug-based menu that includes watermelon salad sprinkled in bamboo worms, nachos with silkworm cherry tomato salsa and pasta made from ground crickets.
Source: AFP | 2017/8/30 16:01:30

Spice and all things rice

In Nigeria, jollof rice isn't just a tasty West African dish - it's a national obsession.
Source: AFP | 2017/8/24 23:26:12

World's largest samosa record is smashed in London, now at 153.1 kg

The world record for the ­largest samosa was smashed in London Tuesday by a whopping version of the popular Asian snack weighing in at 153.1 kilograms.
Source: AFP | 2017/8/24 23:26:13

Delicious and sumptuous Van breakfast in Turkey

Photo taken on August 15, 2017 shows delicious and sumptuous Van breakfast in Van, Turkey. The Turkish Van breakfast, famous for its delicious taste and sumptuous 20 dishes, such as honeycomb; herbal cheese, made with a mixture of various herbs unique to the region; martuga, made with flour, butter and egg; and kavut, made with ground wheat. Van breakfast has won the Guinness World Record with 52,186 people had breakfast together in 2015.
Source: Xinhua | 2017/8/22 14:16:24

Street joints and empires in noodle-crazed Hong Kong

From decades-old holes in the wall to multi-million dollar businesses, Hong Kong's noodle scene is a moneyspinner in a city that runs on quick and affordable comfort food.
Source: AFP | 2017/8/20 14:48:39

People make colorful rice in SW China's Yunnan

As the mature period of paddy falls, local people start to make the colorful rice with edible juice of wild plants. In Qiubei County, the colorful rice is a popular food among local residents who believe the colors symbolize harvest and good fortune.
Source: Xinhua | 2017/8/18 21:46:21

5th naked oat flour cooking competition held in China's Inner Mongolia

Photo taken on Aug. 16, 2017 shows different kinds of food made from naked oat flour at a hotel in Wuchuan County, north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The 5th naked oat flour cooking competition kicked off in Wuchuan County Wednesday. A total of 19 contestants attended the event.
Source: Xinhua | 2017/8/18 10:12:07

Skipping breakfast may affect children's intake of key nutrients

Children who do not maintain a regular habit of having breakfast may not be consuming the daily amounts of key nutrients for growth and development, according to a study released Thursday by King's College London (KCL).
Source: Xinhua | 2017/8/18 7:22:00

Sea food imported form Pakistan highly demanded in NW China

Guo Gen, a local chef, prepares a dish with lobsters imported from Pakistan in Karamay City of northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Aug. 16, 2017. Delicacy on the local eaters' tables made of fish and crustaceans imported form the Pakistan market is highly demanded in the Chinese inland city that sometimes they are already sold out even before arrival.
Source: Xinhua | 2017/8/17 11:28:53

Chinese desserts, drinks and soups to help cool off during hot summer days

As many Chinese cities have been experiencing yet another wave of high late summer temperatures over the past few days, locals have been turning to special food recipes to fight off the heat. Among them, many of the most popular summer recipes have links to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
Source: Global Times | 2017/8/15 17:38:39

Uprooted entrepreneurs form 'Little Damascus' in northwest Syria

On a bustling street in northwest Syria, young restaurateur Abdulrahim Abulezz serves up juicy chicken wraps crafted according to a traditional recipe from his hometown Daraya, which he left last year.
Source: AFP | 2017/8/10 23:33:27

Delicious in-flight meal for BRICS Summit

Photo taken on Aug. 8, 2017 shows the in-flight meal specially made for the upcoming BRICS Summit during a food festival of Chinese airline XiamenAir in Xiamen, southeast China's Fujian Province. The meal is a mixture of food from five BRICS countries -- Brazil, China, India, Russia and South Africa. In September, China will host the 9th BRICS Summit in the coastal city of Xiamen.
Source: Xinhua | 2017/8/9 10:10:34

Self-taught, spurred on by love

As a girl, Karelle Vignon-Vullierme loved eating the Beninese dishes her mother cooked but never bothered following her into the kitchen to learn how to make them herself.
Source: AFP | 2017/7/27 23:59:05

Senegal's star food blogger takes social media by storm

Based in Dakar since 2012, Vignon-Vullierme has a strong following in France and francophone Africa for her skill in perfecting everything from Indian naan bread to spicy Moroccan soup, with frequent indulgences for her sweet tooth.
Source: AFP | 2017/7/26 19:06:19

Sunken Mediterranean treasure

Divers scavenging in shipwrecks slumbering at the bottom of the North Sea since World War II were disappointed not to find dazzling troves of gold and jewels.
Source: AFP | 2017/7/14 5:03:40

Chile salmon industry swims against current amid marine concerns

Salmon are leaping in their millions from Chilean fish farms to US, Japanese and European dining tables - but surging demand and environmental concerns have Chile wriggling on the hook.
Source: AFP | 2017/7/14 5:03:40

Budget food you won't want to miss in Hong Kong

Different from other destinations in the world, in Hong Kong, you can find not only authentic Western cuisine, from French to Spanish dishes, but also cheap and yummy street food and local Cha Chaan Teng (tea restaurant) dishes like macaroni, milk tea and instant noodles. A lunch for less than HK$80 ($10) at one of these restaurants will leave you feeling deeply satisfied.
Source: Global Times | 2017/6/29 21:47:39