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A bite of China

Chinese women dressed in Han ethnic costume worn during the Tang Dynasty (618-907) eat at a meat banquet at Hangzhou's West Lake, Zhejiang Province on Saturday. Photo: IC
Source: IC | 2018/4/2 19:48:40

Bonnet beauties

The annual Easter Parade and Easter Bonnet Festival once again takes over a sliver of Midtown Manhattan, New York City on Sunday as revelers dressed in their holiday finery (which typically includes over-the-top, often handmade hats) gather around St. Patrick Cathedral. Photo: IC
Source: IC | 2018/4/2 19:48:40

Bulls by the horns

Villagers gather to watch a traditional bullfight held on Saturday in Donglang, Southwest China's Guizhou Province to mark the coming Qingming Festival, which falls on Thursday. Photo: IC
Source: IC | 2018/4/1 20:33:39

Hop on!

Bikers in Easter bunny costumes deliver Easter eggs for local charities during the Motorcycle Egg Run in Reading, UK on Friday. Photo: IC
Source: IC | 2018/4/1 20:28:39

Squeaky clean

A monkey is bathed by its handler on a street in Kolkata, India on Wednesday. Photo: IC
Source: IC | 2018/3/29 19:08:40

Incredible eggs

A ceramic Easter egg by Italian artist Alma Dzopenji is displayed at the Art Nouveau Museum in Riga, Latvia on Tuesday. The exhibition runs through April 22. Photo: IC
Source: IC | 2018/3/28 20:33:40

Close-knit couple

A sculpture is outfitted with knit accessories at the Poznan Botanical Gardens in Poland on Monday. The knit items are courtesy of the Pikotki Crew, a local group of knitting enthusiasts, which had dressed the statue on Valentine's Day. However, the knit handiworks will not be around for long, as they will be unraveled in April. Photo: IC
Source: IC | 2018/3/28 20:33:40

Meerkat melee

A pair of meerkats play at the Wilhelma Zoo in Stuttgart, Germany on Monday. According to the zoo, the meerkats were born in January. Photo: IC
Source: IC | 2018/3/27 19:58:40

Youthful yogi

Yue Mingchao, a 74-year-old online celebrity, practices yoga on Tuesday in Hangzhou, East China's Zhejiang Province. Yue became a yoga instructor at the age of 70 and has taught more than 200 students so far, many of whom were born in the 1990s. Photo: IC
Source: IC | 2018/3/27 19:58:40

Vehicle vending machine

China's first “car vending machine” launched by Alibaba Group's online shopping site Tmall is pictured in Guangzhou, capital of South China's Guangdong Province on Monday. Photo: IC
Source: IC | 2018/3/26 19:03:40

Monumental finish

A Saint Paul Cathedral-costumed runner nears the finish line during this year's London Landmarks Half Marathon on Sunday. Starting at 9:30 am at Pall Mall, the race ran through the center of London and finished at Whitehall just off Downing Street. Photo: IC
Source: IC | 2018/3/26 19:03:40

Snake CAT

Hanna, a 6-meter-long python weighing a whopping 63.5 kilograms, undergoes a pioneering CAT scan for her respiratory problems at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Ohio, US on March 16. Photo: IC
Source: IC | 2018/3/25 18:58:40

Pigs on the run

Thousands dressed in costume participate in the 5-kilometer “Naked Pig Run” in Ningxiang county, Hunan Province on Sunday. First prize is a pig weighing more than 100 kilograms. Photo: IC
Source: IC | 2018/3/25 18:58:39

Tear down the wall

Pictured is a work made of LEGO bricks on display at the exhibition “The Art of the Brick. LEGO Art” by US artist Nathan Sawaya in Minsk, Belarus on Wednesday. More than 100 works of art created with LEGOs are on display at the exhibition through May 31. Photo: IC
Source: IC | 2018/3/22 18:38:40

Winning shot

French photographer Roumain Doucelain, 20, scores with this shot of a mouse heading a soccer ball taken in the Rhône-Alpes region on Wednesday. The ball was baited with cheese inside. Photo :IC
Source: IC | 2018/3/22 18:38:39

Hot springs warm-up

Members of the Fanlin Yoga Club practice their poses at a hot springs in Huixian, Henan Province on Sunday. The club had been preparing for a performance on Dragon Heads-raising Festival, which fell on that same day. Photo: IC
Source: IC | 2018/3/21 19:23:43

Tomato jam

Two policemen shovel tomatoes that had spilled from a truck and onto a highway in Guizhou Province on Sunday. The truck had tipped after the driver hit the brakes too hard. Photo: IC
Source: IC | 2018/3/21 19:23:42

Twin bed

Two women mark today's World Sleep Day with a livestreamed 'sleeping event' at a tea plantation in Lishui, Zhejiang Province on Tuesday. Photo: VCG
Source: VCG | 2018/3/20 18:33:40