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Europe should rethink resolution on China's market economy status

The EU should think twice before making a final decision on China's MES. Only by heeding the progress China has made in its market economy agenda and discarding deeply-rooted prejudice can China-EU trade relations move forward in a healthy way that bodes well for both.
Source: Xinhua | 2016/5/15 19:53:01

Clinton's primary troubles open questions over her ability to clinch White House

Trump has good relations with construction unions and he is talking a lot about the need to revive US manufacturing, so he has an opportunity with manufacturing unions to win their support.
Source: Xinhua | 2016/5/12 18:48:01

UN Environment Program spells out vision for green and inclusive growth

Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs and International Trade Amina Mohamed said Kenya supports global instruments that advance green and inclusive growth. “As the host of the upcoming global environment assembly, we are in a unique position to raise attention to a range of concerns like ocean pollution, food waste and the depletion of vital ecosystems,” Mohamed said.
Source: Xinhua | 2016/5/10 21:03:22

Bad politics, not media, helped Trump secure presidential nomination

US' fears and frustrations are powerful. The rage over Washington politics and elites, the widening income disparity and social inequality and the non-transparent big-money politics have so far helped make Trump invincible in the Republican primary.
Source: Xinhua | 2016/5/8 19:48:01

Flurry of scandals may hinder Italian PM Renzi's bold reform plans

Until Italy has a robust recovery, life will be always hard for any government in the country.
Source: Xinhua | 2016/5/8 19:43:01

A year into Netanyahu's new term, Israel, Palestinians further apart over peace

It is ironic that while lives are being lost on nearly a daily basis, Elad describes both governments as satisfied with the situation.
Source: Xinhua | 2016/5/5 23:23:01

With nomination secured, Trump aims guns at Hillary Clinton

The brash businessman recently made a foreign policy speech that aspired toward a cogent argument but was widely slammed by foreign policy experts as incoherent and dangerous.
Source: Xinhua | 2016/5/5 23:03:03

Baidu battered after cancer search scandal

We hope the latest tragedy can deal a heavy blow to false advertisements rather than the role Baidu plays in China's Internet arena.
Source: Global Times | 2016/5/4 21:33:01

“16+1” mechanism provides ideal platform for BiH-China cooperation: ex-ambassador

One of the largest business events in the region, the SBF this year will focus on “16+1” cooperation under the theme of “One Region, One Economy – Perspectives China+16,” echoing the ambassador's ambition for bilateral relations.
Source: Xinhua | 2016/5/3 21:53:01

US dragged deeper into anti-terror war five years after Bin Laden's death

The war on terror will be never-ending if Washington fails to eliminate the root causes of terrorism and extremism.
Source: Xinhua | 2016/5/3 21:53:01

Language training lays solid foundation for future US-China relations, say educators

Encouraging more US students to study Chinese and study abroad in China will ensure Sino-US relationship grows and flourishes in the future.
Source: Xinhua | 2016/5/2 22:18:01

New connections serve trade interests for all countries in Southeast Asia

The China-proposed Asia infrastructure Investment Bank is also expected to play a key role in bridging the huge investment gap in funding ASEAN's major cross-border infrastructure projects.
Source: Xinhua | 2015/11/24 21:53:02

Voice calling for removal of the confederate battle flag

Today we are here in a moment of unity in our state, without ill will, to say it's time to move the flag from the capitol grounds.
Source: Global Times | 2015/6/24 0:33:01

Voice on activities of the Confucius Institutes

The Confucius Institutes are a sunshine business. There is nothing we can't make public.
Source: Global Times | 2015/6/24 0:33:01

Voice on the situation in Yulin

Compared to last year, the city has become tidier and cleaner. There is less killing of dogs on the streets. There has been some progress.
Source: Global Times | 2015/6/23 0:33:01

Voice criticizing Britain's Ministry of Defense

The UK government is sending the message that human rights and democracy are less important than arms sales.
Source: Global Times | 2015/6/23 0:28:02

Voice on the delayed publication of an official inquiry into the Iraq War

They, and I, had hoped for the publication of your report by now and we are fast losing patience.
Source: Global Times | 2015/6/18 23:38:02

Voice on why China should improve its independent innovation capability

If China doesn't pursue a path of independent innovation, how can it become a great power?
Source: Global Times | 2015/6/18 23:38:02