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A glimpse into Pakistan ahead of World Water Day

International World Water Day, which falls on March 22, aims to focus global attention on the importance of water and the need for sustainable water resource management. A total 33 ...
Source: | 2017/3/22 19:10:38

Don't waste a drop! It could be a matter of life or death for someone in the world: World Water Day

Today marks World Water Day and the beginning of China Water Week. This year’s theme “Wastewater” hopes to draw attention to the protection and the desperate need for sanitation among ...
Source: | 2017/3/22 18:57:38

Ancient skywalkers: Traditional tightrope acrobats of China’s Xinjiang

Dawaz is a traditional form of tightrope and acrobatic performance in China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. A Uyghur folk tradition dating back almost 1,000 years, dawaz was listed as a ...
Source: | 2017/3/21 19:12:11

58-cm Indian man worshipped as reincarnation of Hindu god

Manpreet Singh, a man who has been worshipped as the reincarnation of a Hindu god, has been visited daily by local villagers and others seeking his blessings since he was ...
Source: | 2017/3/21 18:16:00

20 students killed in Ghana after trees topple during storm

At least 20 were killed and others injured after trees fell on a crowd of students swimming at a waterfall in Kintampo, Ghana on March 19. According to Ghana National ...
Source: | 2017/3/21 17:51:23

Creativity doesn't stop when nap time calls

Whether your mattress is a bicycle, rope hammock, or garbage can, here’s hoping you had a sound sleep!
Source: | 2017/3/21 17:02:52

Catnap time

Shh… Kitties couldn’t care less about the time or place when a catnap calls.
Source: | 2017/3/21 15:15:35

10,000 artifacts from ancient ‘King of the West’ unearthed in Sichuan

Sichuan Provincial Cultural Relics and Archaeology Research Institute revealed more than 10,000 artifacts on March 20 dating back to Zhang Xianzhong (1606-47), leader of a Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) peasant uprising, ...
Source: | 2017/3/20 18:51:13

Indian Coast Guard vessel Shaunak makes maiden visit

Indian Coast Guard ship Shaunak, a new offshore patrol vessel, arrives at Chennai port on March 19, 2017, making its maiden visit after being commissioned into the coast guard eastern ...
Source: | 2017/3/20 17:33:34

African beats drum up a crowd at Houhai Lake

An African drum performance attracts a crowd at Houhai Lake in Beijing on March 19.
Source: | 2017/3/19 19:02:59

Retired Anhui residents and their pet birds enjoy arrival of spring

Retired residents and their pet birds enjoy the crisp spring weather in Bozhou, East China’s Anhui Province on March 15, 2017. Taking a leisurely walk along the roadside with both ...
Source: | 2017/3/17 17:33:34

Chinese President Xi Jinping holds welcoming ceremony for Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing

Chinese President Xi Jinping held a welcoming ceremony for Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China on March 16, 2017. ...
Source: | 2017/3/17 15:44:55

Spring scenes of Weiminghu Lake at Peking University

Spring welcomes the arrival of blossoming flowers around Weiminghu Lake at Peking University in Beijing, China on March 16, 2017.
Source: | 2017/3/17 15:33:36

Giant panda Shulan arrives at "nursing home" for elderly pandas in China’s Chengdu

Giant panda Shulan arrived at the Dujiangyan base of the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda, the world's only "nursing home" for elderly pandas, on March 16, ...
Source: | 2017/3/17 14:57:16

US Air Force shows off ‘flying gas station’ with mid-air refuel

A US Marines Harrier AV-8B is topped off above the clouds thanks to a fuel boom suspended from a US Air Force KC-10 Extender during Operation Inherent Resolve over Iraq ...
Source: | 2017/3/16 18:17:02

Spring flowers in full bloom at China’s Summer Palace

Fragrant flowers blossom along the western bank of Kunming Lake at the famed Summer Palace in Beijing on March 13, 2017.
Source: | 2017/3/16 15:58:55

Up-close look at the ferocious cats of Russia’s Priamursky Zoo

A Siberian tiger and Amur leopard were exhibited at the Priamursky Zoo in Russia on March 14, 2017.
Source: | 2017/3/15 18:17:14

Spring country landscapes of China’s Anhui

After a white winter, spring brings warm weather and green to the northern rural areas of China’s Anhui Province on March 14, 2017. The blooming landscapes have attracted many tourists ...
Source: | 2017/3/15 15:19:19