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Photos: Egrets grace the riverbanks of East China's Huangshan

Egrets forage on the banks of the Xin'anjiang River, Huangshan, East China's Anhui province on September 3.
Source: | 2017/9/4 16:48:26

Russian President Putin arrives for BRICS Xiamen Summit

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Xiamen, East China’s Fujian Province to attend the BRICS Xiamen Summit on September 3.
Source: | 2017/9/3 19:37:31

Photos: Makings of a Mid-Autumn Festival mooncake

China's Mid-Autumn Festival wouldn’t be the same without the gifting (and regifting) of mooncakes. Zhucheng Mooncake Factory in Qingdao, Shandong Province has nearly 30 years of experience in making the ...
Source: | 2017/9/3 17:51:01

Chili Pepper Festival heats up in South China’s Guilin

The Chili Pepper Festival kicked off in Mahai Zhuang ethnic village in Guilin, South China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on September 2.
Source: | 2017/9/3 16:13:36

BRICS volunteers build experience at 2017 Summit

Volunteers work at the media center of the 2017 BRICS Summit held in Xiamen, East China’s Fujian Province. More than 2,000 volunteers, mostly hailing from local universities, participated in the ...
Source: | 2017/9/3 13:53:33

BRICS Business Forum held press conference in Xiamen

The BRICS Business Forum Organizing Committee held a press conference in Xiamen, southeast China’s Fujian Province on September 2.
Source: | 2017/9/2 18:57:37

Daily scenes from the 'happiest country in the world'

People enjoy their lives in Bhutan, a place described as the "happiest country in the world."
Source: | 2017/9/2 14:25:32

With visa-free access, Indians seek work across border in Bhutan

Indian tourist can travel to Bhutan visa free, making it easier for Indians seeking work in the neighboring country.
Source: | 2017/8/31 19:10:18

A peek at monks’ daily habits in Bhutan

Monks enjoy modern life in Thimphu, capital of Bhutan. Photos: Cui Meng/GT
Source: | 2017/8/31 19:08:59

72 children attend First Writing Ceremony in South China

72 children attended the First Writing Ceremony (Enlightenment Ceremony) held in Foshan, South China’s Guangdong Province. Dressed in traditional robes and hats, they worshiped Cangju, the creator of Chinese characters, ...
Source: | 2017/8/31 18:23:30

Sightseeing at the main venue of 9th BRICS Summit in Xiamen

Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center Square opened to the public on August 29, 2017 as China prepares to host the 9th BRICS Summit in its coastal city Xiamen, Fujian ...
Source: | 2017/8/31 18:20:26

Man’s best friends rescued from flood in Texas

A man carries a dog after being rescued from rising floodwaters in Spring, Texas, US, on August 28, 2017.
Source: | 2017/8/31 15:55:38

35,000 gather for mass tai chi sessions in Central China

35,000 people gathered in Wenxian county of Jiaozuo, Central China’s Henan Province for mass tai chi event on August 28, 2017. The gathering comes ahead of the “World Hundreds Cities ...
Source: | 2017/8/30 21:16:22

Fairy tale world of fruits and vegetables sprouts up in East China’s Shandong

A fairy tale world of fruits and vegetables was displayed in an agricultural museum in Liaocheng, East China’s Shandong Province on August 29, 2017. More than 80 displays of fruits ...
Source: | 2017/8/30 21:14:02

Memories and legacy of Princess Diana, 20 years after her death

On the 20th anniversary of the death of Britain’s Princess Diana, let’s take a look at her life and impact on the world
Source: | 2017/8/30 18:33:42

Prominent landmarks in East China’s Nanjing

Located in Jianye District of Nanjing City, East China's Jiangsu Province, the Nanjing Eye is the first large-scale pedestrian bridge over the Yangtze River.
Source: | 2017/8/29 18:34:53

Hour-long floating vegetable market in Indian-controlled Kashmir

Dal Lake is a tourist attraction in Srinagar, the summer capital of Indian-controlled Kashmir. Every morning, vendors arrive at the floating market in the center of the lake with their ...
Source: | 2017/8/29 17:59:43

Cheongsam show amid fragrant rice flowers in East China

The fragrance of flowers filled the village of Wuyuan County, East China’s Jiangxi Province as thousands of acres of rice blossom August 27. With oilpaper umbrellas in hands, several cheongsam ...
Source: | 2017/8/28 18:21:03