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Highly-anticipated Aviadart competition adds excitement to 2017 IAG

The first round of the exciting Aviadarts competition of the 2017 International Army Games, which displays physical strength, has concluded at Northeast China’s Jilin Province. The upcoming second and third ...
Source: | 2017/8/2 19:35:45

Military members of various nations compete in 2017 International Army Games

Members of the military from China, Russia, Iran, Belarus, Venezuela, Egypt and Uzbekistan participated in the Clear Sky event, a competition among air defense units, at the 2017 International Army ...
Source: | 2017/8/2 17:42:51

Chinese team takes the lead in air defense unit competition on second day of 2017 International Army Games

The Chinese team took the lead in the Clear Sky event, a competition among air defense units, at the International Army Games 2017 (IAG), hosted by the Chinese PLA Army ...
Source: | 2017/8/1 23:24:49

Celebrating the 90th anniversary of PLA’s establishment with creativity

Officers and soldiers in Honghe, Southwest China’s Yunnan Province, pose for pictures in creative ways on July 29, 2017 to celebrate the 90th birthday of the People’s Liberation Army on ...
Source: | 2017/8/1 18:49:00

Mid-air rescue

Rescue workers lower passengers to the ground with ropes after a cable car accident over the Rhine river in Cologne, Germany on July 30.
Source: | 2017/8/1 18:17:22

It's a boy! First baby panda born to captive mother and wild father

Cao Cao, a female panda bred in captivity who mated with a wild companion, has given birth to a baby, a first for China’s panda breeding programs aiming to the ...
Source: | 2017/8/1 18:06:09

International airshow takes off in Spain

Aerobatic teams from all over the world fly over a beach during an international airshow in Torre del Mar, southern Spain on July 30, 2017.
Source: | 2017/8/1 18:00:55

Silly pets that make us laugh out loud

Take a breath before looking through following photos as they will no doubt make you burst into laughter in seconds. The 2017 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, founded by photographers Tom ...
Source: | 2017/8/1 17:42:04

Farewell to the Ferris wheel

Hangzhou Paradise amusement park organized a farewell party for the tallest Ferris wheel in Hangzhou on July 31. Hundreds of people showed up to reminisce in their memories and bid ...
Source: | 2017/8/1 17:06:30

Saluting the bravest soldiers on Chinese Army Day

August 1, 2017 marks the 90th anniversary of the establishment of People's Liberation Army (PLA). Here is a glimpse of their hard work in defending our country's safety and saving ...
Source: | 2017/8/1 15:19:59

Snapshots of the Chinese team in Monday’s competition at the International Army Games 2017

Snapshots of the Chinese team in Monday’s competition at the International Army Games 2017
Source: | 2017/7/31 23:53:13

Chinese team takes the lead in Monday’s events at International Army Games 2017

Chinese team takes the lead in Monday’s infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) competition, “Suvorov Attack” Individual Race, at the International Army Games 2017 (IAG), hosted by the Chinese PLA Army in ...
Source: Xinhua | 2017/7/31 23:25:52

Martial arts masters and students show off skills at Shaolin temple

Shaolin Temple is the place to be on July 31, 2017. The legendary 1,500-year-old temple hosted the closing ceremony for the martial arts competition of the first “grand gathering” where ...
Source: Global Times | 2017/7/31 18:22:48

What it takes to be a qualified Chinese soldier

Soldiers in China have to go through a long and arduous journey before they are qualified to carry out field operations. Here is a series of photos showcasing the strenuous ...
Source: | 2017/7/31 17:14:23

Samurai horse racing

Armor-clad riders compete in a horse racing event in Minamisoma, Japan on July 30, 2017. The traditional three-day event has a history of over 1,000 years and is held on ...
Source: | 2017/7/31 15:32:52

Shaolin Temple kicks off ‘grand gathering’ competition

A contestant demonstrates his art of the Iron Palm, or block breaking, during the event.
Source: Global Times | 2017/7/30 17:55:26

Animal friendships that warm your heart

July 30 is International Day of Friendship. And it’s not just a day for humans. The following photos show that friendship and affection exist in the animal kingdom too. And ...
Source: | 2017/7/28 17:45:26

Celebrate 8th International Tiger Day on Saturday

International Tiger Day is celebrated on July 29 annually since 2010 to raise awareness for tiger conservation. At least 3,890 tigers remain in the wild while much work still needs ...
Source: | 2017/7/28 17:25:50