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Perfect timing: Floating butterfly crowns barn owl

The moment a butterfly perches on the head of an owl is captured by 34-year-old British tattoo artist and photography enthusiast Rob Bated in Bridlington, Yorkshire, the UK. Photo: VCG
Source: | 2018/4/24 17:16:08

2018 Red Bull Air Race World Championship kicks off in France

The 2018 Patrouille de France aerobatics team piloted Alphajet planes as they performed at the Cannes leg of the 2018 Red Bull Air Race World Championship.
Source: | 2018/4/24 16:40:21

The ceremony for the Tiantan Awards for the Beijing International Film Festival held in Beijing

The ceremony for the Tiantan Awards for the Beijing International Film Festival was held in Beijing on April 22.
Source: | 2018/4/23 18:18:31

Liaoning aircraft carrier formation conducted far-sea drills to celebrate PLA navy's 69th birthday

April 23 marks the 69th anniversary of the founding of the PLA navy. The Liaoning aircraft carrier formation conducted far-sea trainings recently and sent birthday greetings to the PLA navy. ...
Source: - | 2018/4/23 17:24:00

People march in ancient costumes to celebrate 2,771st anniversary of the founding of Rome

People wearing period costumes from Ancient Rome take part in a parade to celebrate the 2,771st anniversary of the founding of the city of Rome on April 22, 2018, in ...
Source: – VCG | 2018/4/23 15:24:49

Syrian opposition evacuates from East Qalamun after surrendering weapons

Jaish al-Islam rebel fighters surrendered weapons to the Syrian government's forces in al-Dumayr, 50 kilometers east of Damascus, Syria, on April 22, 2018. Opposition fighters were evacuated from the East ...
Source: – VCG | 2018/4/23 14:25:21

Photos from the Red Carpet of the 8th Beijing International Film Festival

Stars shine on the red carpet following the closing ceremony of the 8th Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF) in Beijing on April 22.
Source: | 2018/4/22 22:12:45

Fuzhou holds hair-thin noodle making competition to revive traditional craft

Fuzhou extra-thin noodles, which are renowned for being hair-thin, pliable and strong, is a traditional local specialty in East China's Fujian Province. Originating from the Southern Song dynasty (1127-1279), the ...
Source: | 2018/4/22 17:06:36

Submerged Indian temple resurfaces due to continuous drought

Hafeshwar Mahadev, a Shiv temple in Hafeshwar, a western state of Gujarat in India, resurfaced after being submerged for close to 25 years, due to little rainfall and continuous drought ...
Source: | 2018/4/22 17:05:40

Intl Tattoo Art Festival makes its mark on Shanghai

Linked by ink! Tattoo artists and enthusiasts from around the world attend the 2018 Shanghai (Spring) International Tattoo Art Festival from April 20 to 22. See these masters of the ...
Source: | 2018/4/22 13:53:30

The 19th Hobby Expo China opens in Beijing

The 19th Hobby Expo China, an international exhibition for model enthusiasts started in 2001, is held at the Beijing Exhibition Center from April 20 to April 22, 2018. Based on ...
Source: | 2018/4/20 19:03:49

SpaceX launches NASA's planet-hunting spacecraft TESS

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, carrying a TESS spacecraft, lifts off on April 18, 2018, from the Space Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. TESS, ...
Source: – VCG | 2018/4/19 17:29:33

French students block Sciences Po university entrance in protest against education reforms

Students blocked the main entrance to the famous French university Science Po in protest against reforms affecting admission to universities in Paris, France, on April 18, 2018.
Source: | 2018/4/19 16:32:46

An inside look at the demilitarized zone dividing the two Koreas

South Korea and the DPRK have agreed to live broadcast the upcoming inter-Korean summit, which will be held at the border village of Panmunjom on April 27, the Blue House ...
Source: – VCG | 2018/4/19 16:31:11

Italian National Aerobatic Patrol Frecce Tricolori performs an air show at the Air Force Academy

Italian National Acrobatic Patrol Frecce Tricolori performs air show during the oath of the students at the Air Force Academy in Pozzuoli, Province of Napoli on April 18, 2018.
Source: | 2018/4/19 15:05:32

Edinburgh Zoo's penguins gather pebbles in cute courtship displays

It's mating season for Gentoo penguins at the Edinburgh Zoo, where males have already begun their annual courtship ritual on April 18, 2018. The endearing and interesting display includes males ...
Source: | 2018/4/19 14:46:11

Students form 'giant book' for World Book Day

Nearly 400 teachers and students wearing Han-style costumes form a 'giant book' and read ancient classical poetry for the upcoming World Book Day on the playground of Yusha Experimental School ...
Source: – VCG | 2018/4/18 20:43:05

Air show rehearsal held ahead of a taekwondo event in Seoul

The Black Eagles aerobatic flight team, from the South Korean Air Force, rehearses an air show over the National Assembly building in Yeouido, Seoul, on April 17, 2018, in preparation ...
Source: – VCG | 2018/4/18 20:33:16